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Yellow Split Peas


2023 Exhibitor Products

Yellow Split Peas

Bashan Tarimsal Urunler AS Hall: Za'abeel Hall 4 Stand: Z4-H4
Containing high rates of vitamin C and fiber, yellow beans are extremely nutritious and its popularity in legume category is gradually increasing day by day. This product, which is consumed as soup, main course and appetizer, strengthens immune system with its antioxidant property and prevents many diseases, especially cancer, from entering body, is among the food options that doctors and alternative medicine scientist recommend to consume. It is good for human health about many things, especially balancing blood sugar, lowering bad cholesterol, regulating sleep cycle with vitamin B1 it contains and appetizing. For online offer, you can make a wholesale green pea order by filling out the form below. You can obtain it as package or sack optionally.

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