13-17 FEBRUARY 2022

13-17 FEBRUARY 2022


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Gulfood, largest food and beverage exhibition in the world, can not wait to come back live in Dubai on 21-25 February 2021 and gather the world once again at the Dubai World Trade Centre.


Till we meet in person again, we are extremely excited to bring you the highest level of digital content in a thought provoking, one-of-a-kind webinar series that tackles the most recent topics and welcomes the best of the best to share their expertise.

So, get comfortable, get a coffee and join us online as we all navigate through these uncertain times together

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Reinventing the HORECA scene

As the world opens back for business, restaurant owners are facing steep costs to reopen, including hiring back staff, paying off invoices and replacing spoiled ingredients, sometimes refurbishing entire dining areas to accommodate safe distances between diners, and investing in sanitizing products and technologies. 

This session will reveal opportunities not only for the businesses still standing after an unexpected and brutal culling, but also for the entrepreneurs and pioneers willing to set up in an uncharted territory.

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Black swan
Taming The Black Swan Webisode 1: Can Our Food Supply Chain Cope

Taming The Black Swan Webisode 1: Can Our Food Supply Chain Cope

During the 2007/8 crisis The World Bank blamed export restrictions for price increases of between 30% for rice and 45% for wheat. Is this a sign of things to come? We are already witnessing countries restricting major export commodities, significant logistics challenges and big increases in freight and shipping costs.

 For those of you who couldn't attend but would like to review the on-demand video recording of the webinar, please follow the link below.


Taming The Black Swan Webisode 2: Finding the Silver Lining

Taming The Black Swan Webisode 2: Finding the Silver Lining

Is there a silver lining to this cloud that’s been hanging over our heads since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic? Our world has irrevocably changed and much of our food supply chains were exposed as fragile. What do we do next? What are consumers doing now and how can businesses plan for their future behaviours?


Taming The Black Swan Webisode 3 : A Secure Food Future

Taming The Black Swan Webisode 3 : A Secure Food Future

UAE have demonstrated a wealth of resilience and preparedness negating the impact of the crisis on their residents’ food security and nutrition. Regulations, trade, emerging technologies, awareness – how is the country building self-sufficiency and what does it mean for food professionals and consumers?

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Our Highly Acclaimed Speakers


  • I am happy to speak at the recent Gulfood virtual webinar regarding security of food supply chain across the region. I would like to appreciate world’s leading F&B platform, Gulfood going virtual and addressing such a critical theme. It was a good, balanced discussion and our moderator Kantha Shelke did a very good job. Congratulations Kantha, fellow speakers and Gulfood team at DWTC. I hope we have been able to convey some useful messages for the audience and I am personally looking forward to upcoming events from Gulfood virtual.
    Tolga Sezer, CEO,
    Al Safi Danone, KSA
  • It was a true pleasure to share the panel discussion on the topic of Can Our Food Supply Chain Cope, organized by Gulfood Virtual. While we all reiterate the need to continue the food supply in the country, us at Al Ain Farms, have spared no effort to ensure the business continuity, and have transformed our overall operations to enable fast responses to the current situation.
    Willem van Walt Meijer, Chief Executive Officer,
    Al Ain Farm
  • Dear Team Gulfood, I really appreciate your entire Team efforts to conduct such webinars to boost the Industry and provide Moral support.
    Mayur Bansal, Managing Director/CEO,
    Sakimah Food Industries Pvt Ltd, India
  • Very interesting – thank you very much! All speakers were great! I especially like Kanthas way of presentation! Very professional, with heart & soul! Please keep on! Thank you!
    Susanne Winter, Marketing,
    Esarom gmbh, Austria
  • The first virtual event, I enjoyed the company of esteemed panellists from the industry, good discussion overall emphasizing on the key steps by their organisations to ensure employee safety and commitment to their consumers.
    Deepti Shah, Associate Director,
    Nielsen, UAE
  • A platform that had professionals from the beginning to end of the F&B ecosystem which was quite interesting. The polls actually answered relevant questions and getting the scores live, either validated or changed ones’ thought process of the trends.
    Raj Kewalram, Director Supply Chain And Product Development,
    Oporto Middle East, UAE
  • Gulfood.virtual was a fantastic event with real industry leaders and their input was totally in sync with the changing times!
    Bhisham Thakkar, Director,
    Apex Global Foods, India
  • Thanks for the excellent insights, we can now see the silver lining to this pandemic. Thumbs up Gulfood Virtual.
    Amir Parpia, Finance Director,
    Alpha Fine Foods, Kenya
  • Pleasure to hear industry leaders talk about the steps they had to take in order to keep their business afloat.
    Kashif Shaikh, Business Development Manager,
    Business Verity for Trading, KSA