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Eat like a champion


Eat like a champion

16 Feb 2020

Becoming one of the world’s best football clubs certainly takes a lot of skill, a good measure of team spirit, and a surprisingly huge amount of work in the kitchens! Sports nutrition has been growing from US$ 51 billion in 2018 and expected to hit US$ 81 billion in 2023. This growth requires a fair amount of innovation and product development on the part of food companies to meet the demand for high performance diets. Hear from one of Europe’s top football clubs about:

  • The role of food and personalized diets plays in driving consistent high performance to achieve team success
  • Lessons learned from top athletes’ diets and how they translate into opportunities for regular consumers and food companies alike
  • Organic ingredients, sustainable sourcing, technology: Drivers of innovation in nutrition
Antonio Pedro Mendes, Head Nutritionist - FC Porto

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