21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Workshop: Innovating for growth


Workshop: Innovating for growth

16 Feb 2020

The workshop will cover:

  • Defining the types of innovation, and identifying the types which most fit your business and organisational needs (special focus on replication as a powerful innovation tool when done right)
  • Defining how to use innovation sprints: to Innovate quickly and at a low cost
  • How to develop an agile culture in your organisation’s DNA that values innovation


Why attend:

  • Learn how to effect cultural change within your organisation to engage all employees in innovation for growth
  • Understand how to optimise the cost of innovation and achieve maximum ROI
  • Break down the myth about innovation as a complex process and gain insightful perspective on how to utilise innovative thinking for expansion


Workshop Agenda:

  • Why innovation is a key driver for growth: Learn why innovation is critical and how it measures against other growth levers and strategies
  • Define types of innovation and their role: Not all innovation is created equal, so learn to identify different types of innovation
  • Pick the innovation type that is right for your growth strategy: Every company has different needs, decide which innovation type is best for your organisation’s growth needs 
  • Developing and testing your innovation idea: Tips on how to test and learn quickly to de-risk your innovation plans 
  • Balancing your innovation strategy with your corporate culture: How to develop your corporate culture to maximise your growth and innovation strategy  
  • The do’s and don’ts: How can different functions contribute to innovation success  
  • Applying to your business: Practical applications of lessons learned
Samir Moftah, Director, Research & Innovation, Quality & Food Safety - Danone
Mohamed Bakry, Founder and Chief Growth Officer - 10Fold Innovation Labs

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