13-17 FEBRUARY 2022


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Voda Collagen

Voda Collagen

McLane Global Hall: Shk Saeed 3 Stand: S3-D4
Voda Collagen is the unique combination of pure Voda Naturalna, precious collagen molecules with vitamin C and intelligent ingredients in effective portions. Each Voda Collagen type addresses different challenges of contemporary life and has a very subtle taste, based on natural flavouring. It contains no added sugar. The total calorie content is 10 calories per 350ml bottle, where all calories are derived from the collagen peptides (protein). Voda Collagen is a genuine premium functional water, with ingredients of the highest quality, specifically chosen in the form which is best absorbed by the body. Choose one of Voda’s specialized formulas designed to support energy, relaxation, strength and flexibility, hair and skin health, graceful aging, or focus.
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