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Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Co. L.L.C.


Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Co. L.L.C.

Hall: Hall 6 Stand: 631
Established in 1997, ADVOC is the first edible oil refinery and manufacturer of edible fats in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADVOC is also the newest and one of only three fractionation plants in the entire GCC. ADVOC has market leading brands such as Coroli, LiteLife and Sarola and is proud to manufacture in Abu Dhabi and export across the MENA region to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Jordan, and Maldives among others. Apart from manufacturing edible oils and fats for consumers, ADVOC also makes ingredient oils and specialty fats for the food service and retail industry. It serves hotels, food processing companies, bakeries, catering companies, restaurants and cafeterias. It specializes in making bespoke specialty fats such as Butter Blends, Dairy Fat Substitutes and Frying Solutions among many others.


P.O. Box 7125
United Arab Emirates


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  • Rooly
  • Sarola
  • Maysam
  • Abeer
  • Zubaida
  • Amir
  • Lite Life
  • Coroli
  • Amir Palm Olein is Available in 17 and 18Ltrs TIN.
  • With a natural ghee taste and aroma, Zubaida Vegetable Ghee recreates the magic of pure ghee. It’s a versatile product especially designed keeping in view the wide application requirements of ghee ran ...
  • A blend of high quality vegetable oils and fats. Coroli Professional shortening mixes uniformly in the dough, giving homogeneous cell structure, improved porosity and convenient mechanical handling in ...
  • Coroli Professional Solid Frying Fat FR 40 is a blend of vegetable oils and soft oils to ensurestability and shelf life. Applications: Heavy duty frying Packaging: 22.68 Kg BIB
  • Coroli Professional Margarine is made from the blend of high quality fully refined vegetable oils and fats, emulsifiers, colours and flavouring. The product delivers better volume, consistency, plastici ...
  • Coroli Professional Blended Butter is made from the blend of high-quality vegetable oils and milkfat, emulsifiers and flavourings. It can be used as a cost-effective and quality alternative to butter u ...
  • Coroli canola oil contains less saturated fat than any other oil whilst having a high level of healthy unsaturated Features a.) Contains less saturated fat than any other oil, and has a high level of ...
  • Coroli Pure Corn Oil is an ideal option for all your deep-frying needs. Regardless of what food you like to deep-fry, be it eggs, sausages or french fries, corn oil is a fine and healthy choice for de ...
  • Coroli Pure Sunflower oil is a family favorite oil. Sourced directly from Sunflower seeds, Coroli Pure Sunflower Oil is extracted and refined to ensure the highest quality oils are provided to you and ...
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