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Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-L43
Alfa Interfood S.A.L., founded in 2002, is a Middle Eastern factory located in the heart of the Lebanese Bekaa Valley on an area of 62,000 sqm., manufacturing over 300 SKUs in consumer goods. The factory has managed and gained a strong market share in its brands: Chtoura Garden, Chtoura Foods, and Chtoura Land. As well, the factory produces and extensive range of private labeled products for trading and distribution companies around the world. The factory has become known to provide tasty, nutritious, and competitively priced items, using the latest technologies in food processing and in accordance with the highest International standards.


Burj Al Andalus Bldg.
Saed Sayegh Street


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  • Manufactured and packaged in Lebanon, you will experience the richest authentic flavor and enjoy the great taste of the Middle Eastern cuisine with Chtoura Land products. Having more than 100 differen ...
  • Developed by Alfa Interfood S.A.L, and with the highest turnover in Lebanon, Chtoura Garden holds a variety of 300 SKUs, found in more than 30 countries and 5 continents. All products are manufactured ...
  • With a promise to offer a consistent taste and quality, Chtoura Foods guarantees to satisfy Lebanese cravings. Manufactured and packaged in Lebanon, the products offer a rich authentic flavor and grea ...
  • A selection of canned and jarred Vegetables: - Artichoke - Green Peas - Green Peas with Carrots - Green Okra in Brine - Green Okra in Tomato Sauce - Green Broad Beans in Brine - Mulokhieh Minced in Br ...
  • Specialties include: - Tomato Paste - Red Paprika Paste - Chilli Paste - Tomato Ketchup - Hot Tomato Ketchup
  • A variety of Syrups: - Blackberry Syrup - Jallab Syrup - Grenadine Syrup - Rose Syrup - Tamarind Syrup - Apricot Syrup
  • Ready to Eat: - Stuffed Eggplant (Mackdous) with Olive Oil - Green Okra in Tomato Sauce - Stuffed Grape Leaves with Olive Oil - Mosakaa - Zucchini Stuffed in Brine - Green Beans in Tomato Sauce - Chic ...
  • A variety of Pickles: - Lupine Beans in Brine - Pickled Wild Cucumber - Pickled Wild Cucumber Slices - Pickled Cucumber - Pickled Cucumber Slices - Pickled Turnips - Pickled Turnip Slices - Pickled Mi ...
  • Molasses and Spirits: - Carob Molasses - Basra Date Molasses - Squeezable Pomegranate Molasses - Pomegranate Molasses - Orange Blossom Water - Rose Water - Mint Water
  • A selection of Jams: - Fig Jam with Sesame Seeds - Fig Jam - Apricot Jam - Strawberry Jam - Cherry Jam
  • Eggplant Dip (Baba Ghanouge) Peeled and Grilled Eggplant
  • A variety of Chickpea Dip (Hummus): - Chickpea Dip - Chickpea Dip and Chili - Chickpea Dip and Cumin - Chickpea Dip and Garlic - Chickpea Dip and Basil
  • Ready Mix Powders: - Sahlab - Kashtalieh - Mouhalabieh - Moghli - Custard - Falafel
  • Olives and Olive Oil: - Green Olives - Black Olives - Milled Olives - Olive Oil
  • Lemon Flavoring and a variety of Vinegars: - Lemon Flavor Seasoning - White Vinegar - Red Vinegar - Apple Vinegar - Grape Verjuice
  • A variety of Halawa and Sesame Paste: - Halawa Plain - Halawa with Pistachios - Halawa with Chocolate - Halawa Light - Ground Sesame Paste
  • A variety of Dried Pulses: - Coarse Semolina - Fine Semolina - Fine Brown Burgul - Coarse Brown Burgul - Fine White Burgul - Coarse White Burgul - Fava Beans - Broad Fava Beans - Peeled Broad Beans - ...
  • A variety of canned beans: - Cooked Fava Beans - Cooked Fava Beans with different recipes such as Lebanese, Egyptian, Palestinian, Syrian, Aleppo, Saudi Arabian, Kurdi, and Armenian - Cooked Fava Bean ...
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