Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-J28
Believing in the work has done us very well throughout our history. History which already totals more than 45 years. Over this almost half century we have acquired knowledge, experience, our commitment to quality has increased, our facilities have expanded and the way we look at each day has become a goal: the pursuit of excellence. More than uniting tradition and modernity, we unite purposes and choices, efficiency and productivity, quality and security, honesty and transparency. We seek always create and maintain a trust with our customers, suppliers and collaborators, thus generating solid and lasting partnerships. All this culture and legacy began in 1976 with the founder Antonio Fernandes, a visionary and dedicated businessman, who has always worked hard, not just for the Fernandes Family business, but all over the peanut industry in Brazil. Our love of peanuts has reached the world, and you can share that feeling with us. We have a deep appreciation for our work product: the peanut. But this relationship is much more intense than that and has nuances that go beyond a simple business relationship. The peanut is one of the main products of our field, it is with it that many farmers and rural workers seek their livelihood. We seek to translate our love of peanuts through the respect with which we interact with all their supply chain, inspiring our suppliers, employees, customers and partners with that same feeling, so that the work here is for them so pleasurable how much it is for us.


Av. Otavio Tulim, 7 Complemento 8
Tupã - São Paulo



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