Berglandmilch eGen


Berglandmilch eGen

Hall: 1 Stand: E1-44
Berglandmilch is Austria’s largest dairy and processes in the heart of the Alps milk from about 11.000 dairy farmers. 10 percent GMO free production characterizes amongst other things the worldwide unique Austrian quality. People enjoy the wide and innovative range of products in over 50 countries worldwide under brand names like Schärdinger, Tirol Milch, Lattella, Alpi, Alpiland, .. . Berglandmilch production takes place at 12 sites in Austria and the innovative product range extends from drinking milk and yoghourts to cheese, butter and cheese specialties. Wanted: Importers Berglandmilch eGen is a full-range supplier, covering the entire product line from the white range, UHT milk products, the colorful range and the yellow range. The cheese supply is diverse, offering something for every taste and caters for three varieties of taste: mild-fine, tasty and strongly spicy. Group Brands: Schärdinger, Desserta, Tirol Milch, Lattella, Landfrisch, Stainzer, Alpi and Alpiland


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