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Buzonada LTD


Buzonada LTD

Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP2-J27
We are an innovative company that produces non-alcoholic 100% natural beverages by using only healing herbs paired with delicious fruits for healthy indulgence like never before. Our products are pure and authentic, without a single compromise in terms of quality and origin. The whole range of fine sparkling drinks, iced teas and functional drinks doesn’t contain any synthetics - NO white sugar nor artificial sweeteners: the naturally sweet taste is achieved by pure natural ingredients. - NO preservatives: the production cycle is so clean that we don’t need them. - NO artificial enhancers: nothing smells and tastes better than pure nature. Our capabilities: - Best-in-class Research and Development - In-house Production Facilities - Product and Brand Development - Private Label production


Street Tsar Ivan Asen II, â„– 31


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  • WE ARE VIDAS… and we produce healthy, all natural soft drinks with clean label and no synthetics - an honest drink that would be good for the well-being of the people we love! Our beverages are based ...
  • Buzz-o-nada with roses is an authentic, Bulgarian drink, an elegant combination of super taste and delicate aroma.
  • Buzz-o-nada with figs is a delicious and unique drink, enhancing the beneficial properties of elderflower with those of figs leaves.
  • Buzz-o-nada with lavender is a perfectly balanced drink, combining freshness, aroma and unique taste.
  • The trabuzan is one of those local herbs that get s reputation for revitalising andenergising your body and help carry around oxygen through your body at ease. We combined it with the energy boosting ...
  • Inspired by the legends of the four french outlaws and their miraculous blend of sage, rosemary, thyme and lavander, banishing even the most stubborn infections.
  • The unforgettable linden aroma takes us back to the childhood and those careless summer days. We combined it with stevia in order to introduce to you something untraditional, designed for those of you ...
  • While antioxidative powers of tutsan and honey are well established, it is this typically bulgarian tea herb that has an antonishing vast complex of minerals that quite literally nourish the whole bod ...
  • Inspired by the legendary island bird, this kombination of hibiskus and red orange is meant for children and adults alike as an immune system power-up with kind flavour.
  • Mint is known all over the world for it's benefits. We decided to combine it with it's close cousin spearmint and their good friend lime. The result is a tea of universal flavor suitable for every sea ...
  • VIDAS offers to you a piece of the healing power of nature in this healthy, refreshing and tasty iced tea. It’s made of the herb Mountain Tea, also known as Sideritis, that got its name from the Greek ...
  • This divine, fine sparkling drink with a superb taste and amazing health beneficial properties of the ingredients would become your absolute favorite! It contains extract of Black Seed and all-natural ...
  • VIDAS Boost is a 100% natural energy drink. The energizing effect comes from guarana plant extract and B vitamins. It does not contain synthetics, preservatives, artificial enhancers and added sugar. ...
  • A fine sparkling soft drink with divine aroma of jasmine and lotus. It is made with love and care for the body and soul in mind. It helps to relax, calm down, and reduce feelings of anxiety. The hero ...
  • Imagine a warm, late summer afternoon, gentle sea breeze filled with the sweet scent of green figs... Did you feel it? We did! This comes to mind when you take a sip of this aromatic, finely carbonate ...
  • This divine, fine sparkling drink with a superb taste and amazing health beneficial properties of the ingredients would become your absolute favorite! It contains extract of Black Seed and all-natural ...
  • This finely carbonated, delicate drink is a fantastic way to turn an ordinary day into a glamorous, positive experience! It contains natural extract of Elderflower and pure ingredients with no added s ...
  • Real Tea By Bill Key
  • Real Tea By Bill Key
  • Memorable and unique. The two words our consumers will use when describing their experience with VIDAS during the summer festivals.
  • WHAT GOT US STARTED? It was ? life-time struggle for us – the search to ?nd a tasty and refreshing drink, a drink that would make us feel good, a drink that would do no harm to us, to our children and ...
  • VIDAS - honest, natural drink! It's 100% natural, made of fine herbs and delicious fruit. No added sugar No preservatives No artificial ingredients
  • ...
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