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Chick Leaders - Pindos


Chick Leaders - Pindos

Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S1-G25
Ioannina Agricultural Poultry Cooperative PINDOS is the largest cooperative in Greece, constituting at the same time an internationally contemporary model of entrepreneurship in poultry farming, as well as in the agri-food sector as a whole. Pindos has been the leader for years in Greek poultry farming, remaining consistently the first choice for consumers, with a share of the market today in excess of 30 per cent. The ultra-modern facilities, knowhow and ongoing investment in equipment, allow PINDOS to record an impressive growth trajectory, turning out products of unrivalled quality and high nutritional value. Having at its disposal fully vertically-integrated production and following the most stringent of international quality and safety standards at every stage of production, PINDOS is in the forefront of developments in the poultry farming sector, its name inextricably associated with the name of quality chicken. It owes its successful journey of 65 years and more, to its large family, more than 1,200 employees and 500 poultry farmer producers. PINDOS possesses the most contemporary and technologically complete facilities in the poultry farming sector, operating according to the EU most stringent specifications. Through continuous investment in modernizing its infrastructure and equipment, PINDOS boasts a fully vertically integrated unit which includes: Poultry houses, Hatchery, Chemical – Microbiological Laboratory, Feed mill, Poultry slaughterhouse, Poultry Processing Industry, Factory of PreCooked products, Cooling facilities, Rendering plant organic fertiliser production plant, 18 branches and over than 7500 point sales in Greece, 250 refrigerator trucks. For PINDOS, product safety is non-negotiable. PINDOS’s specialized scientific personnel carries out daily quality control, at each production stage. PINDOS, placing enormous value on securing the highest quality level for its products, has received a quality standardization based on the ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 standards as well as certification by AGROCERT for its totally plant-based diet chickens


Rodotopi Ioannina


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  • For the production of its pre-cooked products, PINDOS has deployed the most modern methods available in the current technology of poultry farming. It follows a method of packaging in modified atmosphe ...
  • Cold cuts have a long history dating back to ancient Greece as references to processed meat existed in Homer’s epics. Cold cuts are considered a gourmet meal full of delights that is mainly combined w ...
  • The traditional chicken pie is made of fresh PINDOS chicken raised in the Epirus mountains in Greece according to a recipe that only those who are from this region really know how to make. The ingredi ...
  • The European chickens PINDOS are the absolute proposal for a healthy and balanced diet. They are free range chickens that are born and raised in mountainous farms, at an altitude of over 700m. They ar ...
  • European free-range chickens are the ultimate proposal for a healthy and balanced diet. Free-range chicken meat has a high nutritional value and is rich in protein while it is very low in fat and has ...
  • Poultry meat is a key element of the European population's diet. Poultry meat combines fatless mouthwatering flavor with high nutritional value, rich in protein. European chicken meat products are cha ...
  • Combining tradition with innovation, EU safety and quality practices, along with the unique mountainous natural environment of mountainous Epirus, PINDOS is constantly designing new products, aiming t ...
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