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The legend of our ‘journey for the finest taste’ traces its origins back in 1950s in one of the oldest areas of Bangkok called “Yaowarat Road” (or Bangkok’s Chinatown) which is well known as the center of good food and a variety of raw materials for foodstuff. CHUA HAH SENG began its small family business with “Chili Paste” there. The unique and distinct flavor made our product rapidly well accepted by chefs and eater, and became famous in food business since then. Chua Hah Seng Food Product Co., Ltd. was registered in 1991, in response to the high demand in the market. We specialize in the manufacturing and sales of palatable assortment of sauce, paste, and condiments. Our family of product includes chili paste, chili oil, chili sauce, sweet chili sauce, ketchup, and a variety of other seasoning and condiments – all under one single brand “CHUA HAH SENG”. Quality and safety are our number one priority. We utilize modern technology and carefully monitor every manufacturing process to ensure the high quality and safety standards in all or our production lines. Our customer satisfaction can be guaranteed by various international standard certifications, such as GMP, HACCP, and HALAL certificate from the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand. Our products are non-artificial and free additives – to fulfill our mission in delivering nothing less than great quality, great health for consumers. Being admirable for heightening the flavor while enriching the color and enhancing the aroma, our products help bring out the best in ever meal. Our legacy of flavor is widely used everywhere, from five-star hotels – across popular restaurants – into delicious homemade of your own, be it in Asia or other countries all over the world… CHUA HAH SENG – the flavor that simply cannot be surpassed!


259 Trok Issaranuphab, Yaowaraj RD. Jakkrawat, Sampanthawong
Bangkok 10100 Thailand


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  • From selecting the only natural fine ingredients to cooking them authentically, Taste-Thai offers every epicure the exquisite “Thai Taste”.
  • Taste Thai Suki Sauce is available in two formulas which are original for all and hot & spicy for those who love strong and spicy taste. Use as a seasoning, dip with hot pot or grilled dishes. Taste T ...
  • Made from 100% natural sour tamarind under high technology for the best quality. Use for Som Tum (Thai salad), Pad Thai (Thai style fried noodle), Tom Yum and various dishes. Or mix with water and syr ...
  • This sauce is a perfect combination of sweet and sour taste. Use as a dip with most of fried food (spring roll, crispy prawn rolls, Tempura and fried dishes.
  • This popular sauce is known to use in various way of dipping. With high quality ingredients, this is great to use as a dip for grilled, fried dish or mix to use gravy sauce for fried fish.
  • The perfect substitute for regular chilli paste. Great for cooking Tom Yum, stir fried dish, spicy salad or any vegetarian dishes. Also great to use as dipping with vegetable or crackers.
  • Use for seasoning and adding flavoring to your dish from Tom Yum, stir-fried crab with curry powder, Thai spicy salad or mix with any kinds of dipping sauce.
  • This Paste is great for making Tom Yum (Thai famous sour and spicy soup), stir fry, dipping, marinade or cooking variety of Asian dishes.
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