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Hall: Shk Saeed Hall 1 Stand: S-H62
DulciLight is the lead brand in natural sweeteners in Europe. We specialized in Natural sweeteners of every type. Currently, we're exporting to more than 35 countries, concretely to more than 8 of the Middle East. We have extensive experience in manufacturing private labels for multiple countries and business models. Our new manufacturing plant in Spain counts with the main quality certifications, among which we have Halal, Vegan, Kosher...


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  • DulciLight is the European leader brand of Natural Sweeteners. Specialized in Natural Sweeteners with 0 Calories Continuously innovating with new products such as: -DulciLight Cane sweetener 0 Calorie ...
  • With DulciLight Date Sweetener Zero Calories, you get all the flavours of dates without any calories. As a result of its unique flavour, it enhances any food or beverage it is added to. Its sweetness ...
  • DulciLight Erythritol Gold Sweetener has zero calories and is twice as sweet as sugar. Ideal for baking. It's naturally present in fruits and foods. DulciLight Erythritol Gold Sweetener is the sugar s ...
  • - High-quality sweeteners from a company you can trust - With DulciLight you can have our sweeteners with your brand name.
  • - Dulcilight's granulated Xylitol Sweetener is a perfect sugar substitute, excellent for diabetics. - Naturally derived and deliciously sweet with 40% fewer calories than sugar. - 1:1 potency with sug ...
  • - Present in fruits and foods. - Granulated sweetener ideal for diets: Keto, Candida, Paleo, Dunkan and diets for Athletes. A natural Sweetener that cultivate Healthy habits. - DulciLight Erythritol S ...
  • Dulcilight Zero Sweetener is formulated with cane sugar to replace refined sugar with low-calorie sweeteners without sacrificing natural taste. As opposed to carbohydrate, it isn't absorbed by the bod ...
  • Dulcilight Stevia Sweetener Zero calories is a sweetener made from the natural extracts of the Stevia plant. It's ten times sweeter than sugar, making it a great alternative to a weight loss diet. Now ...
  • The Dulcilight Sweetener Brown Zero calories qualify as a Premium Sweetener. "Winner of SIAL Paris Innovation Award 2022" Brown Zero sweetener is an alternative to brown sugar or panela sugar. Its car ...
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