21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Hall: Shk Saeed 1 Stand: S1-G25

E-LA-WON is a Greek company with tradition in unique high quality products such as:
Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Varietal Honeys, Olives, Flavors Fine Pesto, New Luxury Soaps.


110 Marathonos Avenue
Pallini Attiki



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  • A Greek natures “miracle”. Product rich in vitamins and protein. Characterized by its low sugar and glucose content. Iridescent color and unbelievable flavor. Never crystallized.
  • Unique, irresistible and intense aroma. Intense taste. Slightly bitter and persistent aftertaste.
  • Sweet combination of aromas with the beneficial properties of orange blossom. Exceptionally refreshing aftertaste. Light, brilliant yellow-orange color.
  • A high quality honey with aroma from fir trees and a unique exceptional taste. Extremely thick texture with pearl-amber color. Rich in minerals and natural traces. Excellent honey with health protecti ...
  • The King of the honey family Exceptional aroma with distinctive pleasant taste. Ambercolor. It compacts in its drop curative and hygienic properties.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a handy “cologne” package, addressed to Gourmet restaurants, High Class Hotels and as a gift for our table. Available in a 50 ml glass cologne bottle, placed in an elegant pa ...
  • A bouquet of fragrant EVOO varieties: Koutsourelia, Megaritiki, Amfissis. Unique blend of Greek varieties for sophisticated palaces. Excellent for accompanying special dishes and salads. It is produce ...
  • Early harvested olive oil, produced by “Athinolia” variety olives. Product with high percentages of antioxidants and polyphenols, while the olives are harvested as they are still green and unripe. Fre ...
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made from wild olive trees along with “Botsikolia” variety olives. A rare variety. Available in a 500ml glass bottle. Limited edition
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Low acidity and intense fruitiness combined with a strong, balanced peppery after taste. “Koroneiki” variety. Produced by a family olive farm in Peloponnese. Available in a dark ...
  • The Homer’s "liquid gold" with flakes of edible gold. The clear, pure and rich in oleocanthal taste of the olive oil, combined with edible gold flakes, it is characterized by its high antioxidant and ...
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