13-17 FEBRUARY 2022


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Eco Friendly Chef Corp.

Eco Friendly Chef Corp.

Hall: Shk Saeed 2 Stand: S2-D18
Award winning premium eco-friendly solutions for the food service, food retail and food processing industry. OiL Chef is the Worlds no. 1 brand used by professionals who use a deep fryer in their business. The OiL Chef device doubles the food production from cooking oil in a deep frying environment, this saves the operator up to fifty percent on oil purchases. In addition to creating a less oily, healthier, and crispier fried food product, frying food in a deep fryer with the OiLChef inside, will increase the crispy texture and the shelf life of your food, which is great news for the food delivery business as the crispiness of fried food can be extended by up to an additional 30 minutes. Our mission is to reduce carbon footprint, food waste, running costs and create additional revenue streams for our clients. Eco Friendly Chef Corp has helped to reduce millions of liters of waste oil from entering the environment and many millions of plastic containers have been saved from entering the environment. Maximizing your operating efficiencies and making a positive environmental and culinary difference is Eco Friendly Chef Corp's agenda..


4834 Westmore Avenue
H4V 1Z3



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  • Same technology as in our SP device with all the great features and benefits also.
  • This virtually maintenance free device takes only 3 seconds to install and only needs to be replaced every 3 years. It helps you to deep-fry your food quicker, make the food crispier and reduce the oi ...
  • Virtually maintenance free the OiLChef accessory for your deepfryer launches into the Middle East market and North Africa.
  • Worlds best accessory for your deep fryer. This device will double the food production from your frying oil which saves you around 50% on fryer oil purchases. Crispier and healthier fried food produce ...
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