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First Press Coffee


First Press Coffee

Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-L33
First Press Coffee's mission is to create moments of inspiration and joy to the world's coffee drinkers by energising any occasion. Using a unique brewing process, First Press is made by slowly dripping cold water over specialty ground coffee for a period of 10 hours. This creates a rich taste profile without the bitter notes of heat extracted coffee. Our cold drip coffee is then mixed with other ingredients to create a range of beverages suitable for supermarkets, foodservice and HORECA industries. This includes: A plant based milk Iced coffee range including Australian grown oat and almond milk varieties. A pure black cold drip coffee range in a variety of strengths in both concentrate and ready to drink forms.


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17 Mephan St


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  • Say hello to the big boy. Made with 100% organic, single origin coffee beans from Honduras our original cold drip will dazzle you. With chocolate and red fruit notes its rich and strong with a light a ...
  • A classic iced coffee that's actually good for you! This creamy, vegan friendly brew is made with our signature specialty cold drip coffee and Australian oat milk. We love oat milk because it is natur ...
  • 99.7% Sugar Free - For those who are sweet enough already. Our signature specialty cold drip coffee, lovingly blended with all natural Australian almonds. The perfect dairy free coffee hit, with no ad ...
  • Who doesn’t love coffee and chocolate? Our Mocha Iced Coffee is an indulgent blend of sustainably sourced cocoa, single origin cold drip coffee and almond milk. Lovingly made with 100% Australian grow ...
  • A delicious smooth dairy free brew with the perfect coffee hit. Our signature specialty cold drip coffee, lightly sweetened with coconut sugar and blended with all natural Australian almonds. Refined ...
  • This video explains why First Press was born and our ambitions for the future.
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