13-17 FEBRUARY 2022

13-17 FEBRUARY 2022


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Hunter Foods (L.L.C)

Hall: 6 Stand: D6-29
Hunter Foods is a leading company in innovative, alternative and Better For You snacks and foods in the Middle East and Asia. Established in 1985, it produces a wide range of speciality, gourmet and “Better for You” snacks and foods under its own brands. Hunter Foods also distributes other stellar brands of Cereals, Biscuits, Nuts, Oats and Granolas. Meanwhile, it has a strong distribution network working with all major retailers, wholesale and food service establishments in the UAE (exclusive partner for all major coffee shop chains and airlines including Emirates Airlines and Starbucks, hospitals, theme parks, 5 star hotels, cinemas, etc…). It has already sold its products to over 35 countries in 6 continents. The key pillars of the company have been customer focus, innovation, quality and flexibility, and will continue to remain so in the future.


P. O. Box 5710
United Arab Emirates


  • A children’s favourite and an iconic Dubai treat; their melt-in-the-mouth-goodness and unique tomato flavour is as popular now as it has always been, for the fans who have grown up with them.
  • A children’s favourite, these are the must-have snacks to buy upon landing after time away from the UAE. An iconic Dubai treat, their melt-in-the-mouth goodness is as popular now as it has always been ...
  • Safari Chips Enjoyed Since 1985 - New Design – Still Nostalgic. They are just as crunchy, tasty, satisfying, cooked in sunflower oil and have more moreish flavours than ever! A staple in almost every ...
  • Hunter’s Gourmet is a curated selection of innovative, niche and premium quality snacks and foods driven by our passion for exceptional quality and an emphasis on health and flavour. The Hunter’s Gour ...
  • A staple in almost every UAE 80’s and 90’s lunchbox, these delicious snacks hold a special place in our hearts as the starting point for Hunter Foods. They are also nostalgic and hold many childhood f ...
  • Our Superfoods packaging is 100% Recyclable & 100% Irresistible At Hunter Foods we are committed to improving the environmental performance of our packaging, we aim at cutting pollution from plastic p ...
  • Our Hand Cooked Potato Chips in the Gold Edition allows you to taste gourmet potato chips at the next luxurious, delectable level!
  • These wavy, harvest-golden Quinoa Chips are full of the goodness of the ancient grain, Quinoa, one of the superfoods that the Incas referred to as “Mother of All Grains”. The delicious Latin American ...
  • Our Hunter's Gourmet Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Chips range have a new packaging and a completely new look that customers will love. The new look puts a modern spin on the Hunter's Gourmet classic brow ...
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