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Jagum Ltd. is a factories specialize in manufacturing and marketing equipment for bakeries and patisseries, with the highest standards, and ISO standard authorization. Allow us to present you with the "behind the scene" process of our favorite and bestselling product – the Pita bread lines. A simple looking product that seems very easy to make, requires planning, equipment and precision, in order to achieve its round, perfectly shaped, moist and delicious, but mostly such that maintains its structure and does not tear or crumbles when it is eaten. We have been doing it in the industry for over 50 years. Our experience, along with advance technology, led us to becoming leaders in the local and international markets, in manufacturing and marketing industrial equipment for bakeries and patisseries. Prepare to enter the world of scents and flavors and elevate your bakery or patisserie. With us you will never be alone! We are here at any given moment, to advise, improve and help you promote your bakery or patisserie to a whole new level. We are here to help you make your dream come true, to turn your love for pita bread, savory or sweet pastries, into a profession, and we have all the tools and best machinery to turn your dream into a reality. Remember! when working with a quality, trustworthy, professional supplier that enjoys excellent reputation, your bakery is guaranteed with success and building your own name amongst your clients.


Jagum Ltd.
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