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LLC Gatto Nero Rus



LLC Gatto Nero Rus

Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP-F11
Our company for more than 12 years has been working in the plant market (cut flowers, bouquets, potted plants and planting material). We are the largest supplier of this category of goods in the essence of Russia all major retail chains. Two years ago, we started producing microgreen growing kits and today we are the largest producer in the country. Over the past year, we have produced and sold more than 1 million products. Over the years of hard work, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier and manufacturer, and our products are truly famous for their outstanding quality. Our production and supply capabilities have tripled in recent years, allowing us to actively consider exporting to other countries in the world. HEALTHY FOOD EASYTO GROW AFFORDABLE PRICE Microgreens are plant seedlings that are eaten before the first true leaves appear on them. It is in this phase that plants contain the maximum amount of useful substances — vitamins, minerals, biologically active components. Almost all crops are grown as microgreens: cereals, legumes and vegetables. Production of micro-greens under the buyer’s own trademark! All customisation types: rebranding private label custom packaging (colours, volumes, shapes) by your request. The cost of one set is 2,5$


bldg. 1
17a Avtodorozhnaya Str.


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  • The pea microgreens saturate the body with easily digestible protein, iron, vitamins C, PP, B, A, E, normalize blood pressure and strengthen immunity. The seedlings obtained can be used as a garnish a ...
  • Kohlrabi seedlings have a mild, sweet taste. They are used as an excellent decorative element of gourmet dishes in many restaurants. Kohlrabi has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, clea ...
  • The kale microgreens have a powerful beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and normalize the level of cholesterol. They are useful for high visual loads. Kale also has anti-inflammatory, anti ...
  • Arugula has a spicy nut mustard taste, and is an ideal addition to meat and fish dishes, salads and soups. It is rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium, normalizes blood pressure, removes toxins. Th ...
  • Radish is one of the most popular crops to be grown as microgreens. It is very beneficial for our health and has a slightly pungent taste and spicy aroma. The seedlings can be used as an additive to s ...
  • Cress is perfect to be grown as microgreens: it has a sharp, rich taste, is high in nutrients, and grows very quickly. Cress contains a great amount of vitamin C and folic acid, which help strengthen ...
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