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Nature One Dairy


Nature One Dairy

Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-L33
Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned company dedicated to producing only the highest quality dairy products. We produce a range of dairy products specifically designed for every age group ranging from infants to the elderly and everything in-between. Nature One Dairy products are available in Australia as well as international markets including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Our powdered milk products, covering infant formula to adult nutrition, are manufactured in a purpose-built pharmaceutical grade facility in Victoria which is certified by the Department of Agriculture to be an Export Registered Establishment (Establishment No. 1879) as having achieved standards in good hygienic practice, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), product integrity and importing country requirements. The facility is also a licensed facility by the Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV). Our liquid dairy products are manufactured in Nepean River Dairy, a wholly owned Nature One Dairy Company, located in New South Wales. We produce a range of fresh milk, UHT and dairy alternatives such as oat, soy and almond milk. Nepean River Dairy is an export registered facility with licence to export to China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.


12 Capital Place
Carrum Downs


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  • AS NATURAL AS YOU CAN GET --- At Nature One Dairy, we understand the importance of high nutritional value in dairy and dairy-alternatives products, and this drives our commitment to develop a full ran ...
  • Ripples™ is a functional health and nutrition products range which are developed with med-science elements with the intention to address health conditions and health needs of different adult ages.
  • Branded under "Nepean River Dairy", the range includes fresh milk, UHT milk, flavoured milk, almond and soy milk and a variety of plant-based products.
  • Our plant-based UHT milk series.
  • Provides all the nutritional benefits of milk and is ready to consume when you need it. Our long-life milk has been ultra-heat treated to be stored in ambient conditions, ready to chill and serve.
  • Formulated to provide premium nutrition to support your child’s progression and include high quality Probiotic CECT5716 for optimum digestion to build up your child’s natural defences and help minimis ...
  • A delicious pet milk specially produced for lactose intolerance animals. Made in Australia with A2 milk.
  • Provide your daily calcium and nutrients needs on the go to beat that morning rush. Made with real milk and available in Double Chocolate, Strawberry Crush, and French Vanilla.
  • Fresh milk available in full cream, skim, lactose-free and low-fat.
  • Available in Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry and Vanilla Malt.
  • Ripple and WhiteH2O products are developed with med-science elements with the intention to address health conditions and health needs of different ages.
  • Ripple and WhiteH2O products are developed with med-science elements with the intention to address health conditions and health needs of different ages.
  • Available in Soy, Almond and Oat. Almond Custard.
  • Vanilla Custard - Made from Australian A2 protein milk added with Vanilla, suitable for baking and desserts Whipping Cream - Delicious heavy whipping cream made from fresh cream. Perfect for cakes and ...
  • Specifically formulated for adults with high blood sugar concerns. It offers high protein, high fibre, 28 vitamins and minerals, Omega-3 fatty acid and low sugar.
  • Formulated with 28 Vitamins and Minerals, ActivePro is suitable for adults over 18 years old. Include essential vitamins and minerals to help perform hundreds of roles in the body, including strengthe ...
  • Full Cream Milk is rich in authentic milk powder. Provides a great source of calcium and protein and is easy and convenient. It is enhanced with added Vitamins A & D. Skim Milk is a low-fat milk powde ...
  • Made from Australian-grown oat and it’s a dairy-free product. Guilt-free with 100% plant-based, source of fibre, no artificial colours and flavours. It’s suitable for vegans and high in calcium. Avail ...
  • Provide essential nutritional care for mothers-to-be that’s been specially formulated with vitamins and minerals to support the needs during preconception, pregnancy, and lactation.
  • Formulated for growing children and teenagers 6-18 years of age with additional B Vitamins, Zinc, and DHA, it gives your child a complete and well-balanced nutrition to support their growth and develo ...
  • Contains high levels of DHA, ARA, Lutein and Prebiotic GOS to support the development of brain, healthy eyes, beneficial gut probiotics and immune system for child between 0-6 years.
  • Nutritious goat's milk based powder fortified with Vitamins, Minerals, Lutein, DHA, ARA, FOS and Probiotics to be gentle on your baby's tummy. Helps to support immunity, build better digestion, and pr ...
  • Specially formulated with a balance of key ingredients to provide essential source of nutrition for child between 0-3 years.
  • NATURE ONE DAIRY® Organic Infant Formula is specially formulated with a higher concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6, essential Vitamins, and Antioxidants to protect your baby’s development an ...
  • ActivePro Complete Nutrition is a nutritionally complete powder with fiber for adults daily consumption. Formulated with 28 Vitamins and Minerals, ActivePro is suitable for adults over 18 years old. V ...
  • With organic milk and natural ingredients, Australia's Nature One Dairy helps them with every wobble...every stumble...and every step, along the way.
  • Ever since our family grew by one, we've learnt something new every day. And as partners in life, we support each other in everything we do. But when we need help with Elle's feeding, sleeping or baby ...
  • Made in Australia, the dairy-free range contains calcium and fibre, while also being free from artificial colours and flavours. A safe dairy lunchbox alternative.
  • Premium Australian dairy manufacturer Nature One Dairy has acquired the Hong Kong adult nutrition powder business and brands of Fei Fah Medi Balm. "The acquisition is another key strategy of the NOD G ...
  • Victorian-based Nature One Dairy has completed the acquisition of Nepean River Dairy for $25.5 million following shareholder approval.
  • Infant formula and milk company Nature One Dairy has called in the brokers, signalling its intention to raise as much as $20 million for an initial public offering in coming months.
  • The process of Food Production has acted according to Islamic Rites and therefore these products are all halal and can be consumed by Muslims in Australia and any part of the world.
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