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Niigata Nosho


Niigata Nosho

Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-166
Our mission is to deliver safe and delicious Niigata rice. Niigata Prefecture is a rice-growing region boasting the highest production volume in Japan. Niigata`s rice nurtured in good quality land and by the techniques handed down from our predecessors are filled with the emotions of the farmers. Our wish is for everyone to eat this delicious rice that is packed with this passion in each grain. We visit the producer`s farms and pick up the rice that they carefully grew. We conduct our own agricultural product inspections and grades the rice. After inspection, the rice is stored in a low-temperature warehouse under strict temperature control. We polish the rice according to the order`s request and ship it all across Japan and overseas. Niigata Nosho continues to deliver Niigata rice, which is packed with the love of all those involved in rice cultivation, throughout Japan and overseas.


580-17 Kawaguchi, Akiha-ku


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