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OOO Uslada



OOO Uslada

Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP2-F2
The PIRATARMELAD brand has been on the market since 2017 and is already well known to consumers. Today we are: * a successful network of more than 50 own and franchise stores in the Russian Federation and Belarus; * online retail store; * wholesale sales channel: small wholesale, retail chains, marketplaces, HoReCa, specialized retail. PIRATMARMELAD offers a wide range of products (of both traditional tastes and original ones for foodies): chewy marmalade, marshmallow, caramel and marshmallows on a stick, chocolate dragee, as well as various types of sweets. All products are certified according to world quality standards and undergo strict selection before appearing in the range of PIRATMARMELAD. The company works in two directions: 1 - in-house production The "PIRATARMELAD" factory produces sweets according to classic as well as its own unique recipes, using only healthy, high-quality and tasty ingredients. * Dragee in chocolate. These include nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits and marshmallow in dark, milk and white chocolate with natural aromas. The dragee are coated with natural chocolate from one of the best producers in the world - BARRY CALLEBAUT. * Lollipops. Made with vegetable sugar substitute - isomalt. It is healthy. The pride of our factory -caramel flowers - they are completely edible (except for the stick). * Marshmallows on a stick. This unusual category of goods is of great interest to buyers. These marshmallows are made from European raw materials - marshmallows and gummy candy. 2 - imported products Working with gummy candy from around the world for more than five years now, we have become experts in this field. We work only with verified suppliers of gummy candies, marshmallows and sweets from Europe and China. Packaged goods under "PIRATMARMELAD" brands are presented to buyers in branded doypak bags with zip-lock fastening. Weights = 100g, 125g, 200g


Dmitrovskoe shosse 157, bld 9


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