Innovative Packaging Industry Corporation


Innovative Packaging Industry Corporation

Hall: Shk Rashid Stand: R-160
Oh So Healthy! offers a fun and nutritious line of new guilt-free snacking treats made from 100 percent real fruits and vegetables. We are backed by the 20-year experience of Innovative Packaging Industry Corp (IPIC) as a manufacturer for multinational companies. Our commitment is to deliver products that help support the local agriculture, and advocate for a sustainable and diversified future for farmers. We only use high-quality ingredients that are both tasty and good for you. We offer a healthier way to snack more because our products are: Non-GMO Low Calorie Gluten Free Cholesterol Free Preservative Free Not Fried For us, there’s no greater reward than that moment when someone takes their first bite, and the look on their face? when they say, “Oh my gosh!” That’s OSH! Oh So Healthy!


Innovative Packaging Industry Corporation
271 T. Santiago St.
Viente Reales
Valenzuela City


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