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Qualitea Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd


Qualitea Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd

Hall: Za'abeel Hall 3 Stand: Z3-E56
Since 1989, Qualitea Ceylon has steadily grown to become one of the Sri Lanka's leading Ceylon tea exporters offering a vast range of high quality tea products around the globe. Our product portfolio consist of black, green and herbal teas in both tea bags and loose tea types to fulfil consumer tea needs at all times. We also pride ourselves to be certified under ISO- 2010-2022, GMP (2021 - 2022) and HACCP (2010 - 2022) certifications. Interested in selling tea under your brand name? We provide final packaging options based on your requirements under Private Label Teas.


14 Station Road
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka


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  • A well rounded and curly leaf tea with a pleasing taste. Makes for a strong cup of tea..
  • A bright and brisk tea that creates a strong, golden brew that’s symbolic to premium Ceylon tea.
  • Golden leaf Sweet Dew presents the revitalizing aroma and flowery taste of pure Ceylon tea
  • Golden leaf Earl Grey Ecstasy presents the exquisite taste of pure Ceylon tea that’s scented with the essence of Earl Grey. Quantities available in: 100g
  • Golden leaf Splendour brings about the smoothness and soothing taste of the well twisted full leaf pure Ceylon tea..
  • Golden leaf Mystique boasts of a flowery sweet taste that’s characteristic of pure Ceylon tea.
  • Golden leaf deluxe brings out the subtle flavour and the tantalizing aroma of big leaf pure Ceylon teas. Quantities available in: 100g
  • Quantities available in: 3g x 25 tea bags
  • Quantities available in: 3g x 25 tea bags
  • Quantities available in: 100g
  • Quantities available in: 100g
  • Quantities available in: 100g
  • Golden Range, Sunset brings out the subtle flavour and the tantalizing aroma of big leaf pure Ceylon teas. Quantities available in: 500g (250g x 2 pouches)
  • In the season of sparkle and shine, Which brings joy and makes spirits high, Tea is the best gift to share with your family and friends. The Tea that Twinkles! Quantities available in: 2g x 10 Pyramid ...
  • Our super-quality Pure Ceylon Black Tea is produced from the finest tea gardens in Sri Lanka. The tea is pure and fresh, and the taste is naturally rich. Quantities available in: 2g x 100 tea bags
  • A collection of fruity flavours, now brought to you in an attractive gift pack. Quantities available in: 2g x 10 tea bags
  • Qualitea presents the perfect gift collection featuring 6 varieties of tea to create memories that last forever. Quantities available in: 144g
  • A soothing beverage that’s renowned for a plethora of health benefits. Quantities available in: 2g x 25 tea bags Quantities available in: 2g x 50 tea bags Quantities available in: 2g x 100 tea bags
  • Are moments when you enjoy a great Ceylon tea, combining a rich flavor, a mellow taste and a fine aroma - all in one great tea!! A tea perfect for any occasion, to cherish moments that last a life tim ...
  • A special aromatic blend with a brisk and refreshing taste of bergamot. Now available in elegant metal cans to complement the elegance of the tea inside. Quantities available in: 200g
  • This special rich edition of Ceylon OPA is harvested by hand from the world famous tea gardens of Sri Lanka. Delicate yet bright in flavour, this exquisite tea delivers a delicious cup of copper-color ...
  • A special recipe of the finest pure Ceylon tea that captures the essence of the entire leaf, and creates a subtle golden yellow hue upon brewing - along with an aroma that is tantalizing as it is refr ...
  • This big leaf pure Ceylon specialty tea presents a smooth texture and sweet taste, and is probably the most demanded variant of tea in all of Asia. Quantities available in: 250g
  • Makes for a full bodied cup of pure Ceylon tea with the ideal colour, flavour, strength and aroma. Quantities available in: 2g x 100 tea bags
  • English Breakfast Tea at its very best: a bright and brisk liquor with exceptional character. Quantities available in: 2g x 25 tea bags Quantities available in: 2g x 100 tea bags
  • This peppermint infusion is nothing short of a blast of refreshment – when you need it the most! Made with the choicest peppermint, a cup of this herbal tea is sure to revive you from within. Quantiti ...
  • Hibiscus, a well known traditional medicine which range from its potent antioxidants to its ability to lower blood pressure. It's a herbal infusion made from the dried, vibrantly coloured calyces of t ...
  • The seed pod of a wild rose plant, Rosehips has been used to treat indigestion, arthritis, colds and the flu. Rosehips tea is a herbal infusion which is rich in vitamin C and flavonoids and are known ...
  • This soothingly pleasant beverage is said to have been a vital part of ancient folk medicine, in order to bring relief from colds, chills and other influenza type symptoms. Quantities available in: 1. ...
  • Camomile has been used for centuries for its calming effects on the nervous system. These high quality teas are processed under skilled supervision to deliver ultimate invigoration in every teacup, re ...
  • Cinnamon is considered as an important factor for Preventing Chronic Diseases. It is said that it boosts brain function and helps with Weight Loss. Apple is considered to Prevent dementia, Reduce risk ...
  • Mint leaves is said to be used to Treat Nausea & Headache and also for Preventing Respiratory Disorders. It is also considered to treat Asthma, Reduce Depression & Fatigue and supposed to be used in O ...
  • Ginger is supposed to be good for treating Diarrhea, removing excess gas and Detoxifying & Disinfecting the human body. Garlic is considered to be used for Boosting Digestion and Controlling Diabetes. ...
  • Orange is considered to Lower cholesterol level in the body and it is said that it prevents kidney diseases, too. Lime is considered to support Digestion and is supposed to be used in treating Scurvy ...
  • Soursop is considered to be filled with Beneficial Antioxidants that may help reduce eye disease and treats infections. It might help to kill Pancreatic Cancer Cells and exhibits Anti-Inflammatory and ...
  • Winter is the best time of the year to sit on your cozy sofa and enjoy a cup of Qualitea English Breakfast tea.
  • Ingredients-: ¾ cup brewed Qualitea Natural Green Tea 1 cup vanilla ice cream 3 tsp white sugar (optional) 2 drops Green food colouring (optional) 12 cubes of ice Method -: Combine the ice cream, gree ...
  • Brew yourself a cup of Qualitea Green Tea to boost your immunity during this winter season.
  • Try Qualitea English Breakfast Tea, the perfect way to start your day.
  • With our Qualitea Imperial collection, Black Tea bag, you can enjoy 100% pure Ceylon, premium Black big leaf tea.
  • Made with love for all the tea lovers out there.
  • Put the kettle on... start your day healthy and refreshed with Qualitea….. We offer natural green tea, herbal infusions and many more….
  • Introducing our ECO FRIENDLY new packaging for Big leaf tea product. Qualitea Sunset Golden Leaf - New look, same great taste.
  • Joseph, a young tea taster back then, decided to introduce Sri Lanka to those sensitive taste buds of people around the world by introducing pure Ceylon tea in 1989. Joseph, who had been a tea taster ...
  • Qualitea Ceylon Pvt Ltd has been supplying TEA, the wonder beverage that has accompanied many people around the world through thick and thin. We've been doing this for 34 years and plan to continue do ...
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