21 - 25 FEBRUARY 2021


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Ramadan Abu Lebbeh & Sons Co. L.L.C

Ramadan Abu Lebbeh & Sons Co. L.L.C

Hall: Shk Maktoum Stand: M-F22

Haj Ramadan Abu Lebbeh and sons Company,  established in 1970 AD, a limited liability company through its activity in the manufacture of eastern and western sweets and ice cream and the adoption of the idea of ​​modernity in providing products that suit the aspirations of customers and through the years of continuous work products and ideas have been developed in the  Food industries Many of the company’s branches have been opened and are working to divide its various activities, which includes:

Oreintal  sweets industry - conteinantal  sweets - chocolate and candy - ice cream

And the approval of the specialist in attracting experienced people andapplying  performance and operating standards and supporting the specialized team in sales and marketing

enhancing  directions, ideas, business policies and the necessary plans set by the state to increase the volume of investment in food  industry


We are at AL-Nejmah Sweets  looking for building a strong strategic successful partnership to share and spread all our selective fine Arabian sweets   to make sure we create a personalized product that’s beautifully fit for all occasions and events . we are ready to discuss all successful concepts that open new business opportunity with a very flexible startup.  

Our delicious stylish products are always made with passion, prepared to the highest standards, and delivered with care, to keep a sweet taste in your mouth!

With a wide range of delicious treats – and unique packaging options to suit each individual client – we believe that AL-Nejmah  a premier brand deserves to reach out all our valued clients around the world.




Abu Al Qasim Al Shabi Str.
Marka Al Shmalieh - Abu Al Qasim Al Shabi Str.



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      Packing :   Cartons Box: 50gm / 100gm / 200gm / 450gm / 750gm / 1000gm   Metal : 600gm / 750gm / 1000gm
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    23 Jan 2020
      Our Majestic Oriental Sweets Brand  new edition of 2020with a very selctive and tasty items 
  •  . The taste of happiness and freshness the variety of flavors and finest materials  leads to taste success 
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