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Royal Palm

Hall: Shk Rashid Stand: R-E54
Royal Palm Dates Facilities offers a wide range of dates and dates ingredients to more than 63 countries, internationally. Our quality management system ensures we maintain high quality standards of dates & dates ingredients we market. Royal Palm was founded in 2001, We have been in dates manufacturing field for over 20 years. We have dedicated dates sorting, washing, and packaging lines and state-of-the-art of dates, date paste & date syrup production lines. All our date ingredients are in compliance with international food regulations. Royal Palm is one of the market leader for packaging and processing whole dates, pitted dates and ingredients made from 100 percent natural dates. Our modern facility operates at the highest level of quality and food safety. One of our key strengths at Royal Palm Dates Factory are capacity to store more than 78,000 tons of cold stores dates, Processes & packaged dates. Our dates are carefully selected in order to ensure quality products and guarantee freshness. Royal Palm Dates is proud to be Food Certified dates factory. The British Retail Consortium (BRC). Our facility is also HACCP Certified, Halal Food Certified, Kosher Food Certified, Organic Certified, International Featured Standards (IFS), ISO 9000, ISO 22000, Global G.A.P., and SEDEX.


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  • Date Syrup / Molasses is a 100% natural high nutritious sweetener for various food and beverage industries. Date Syrup / Molasses is a good alternative for cooking, it is ideal for garnishing desserts ...
  • Date Paste is a natural and high nutritious ingredient for the confectionery and bakery industries. Our date paste is a smooth creamy product made from high quality of dates, our date paste production ...
  • Condition Deglet Nour Dates is done in-house using advanced technology. We guarantee quality, freshness and a great natural taste of this scared fruit.
  • This dates can be easily chopped and dices due to their nature, as well as they can be used in bakery foods such as bread, cakes and cookies, these natural dates are the preferable for baking because ...
  • Deglet Nour Dates Branch is the most appreciated variety in the world for it's high quality it's unique sticky sweet taste; The name itself means "fruit of the light" because of the center of the date ...
  • Deglet Nour Dates is the most appreciated variety in the world for it's high quality and it's unique sticky sweet taste. It can be easily chopped and diced due to their nature, as well as they can use ...
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