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SL Agritech Corporation


SL Agritech Corporation

Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-184
SL Agritech Corporation is one of the leading rice manufacturer & exporter of premium /healthy white & brown rice.Company is an ISO . HACCP, GMP and HALAL certified rice company & one among the few approved rice exporters & the only one that has a fully integrated operation system from the Research, Development of Hybrid seeds, Planting, Harvesting, Milling & Packing to Distribution. Product has two unique variety , Dona Maria Jasponica combines the aroma of Jasmine rice & quality of Japanese rice and Dona Maria Miponica that has the unique texture of Milagrosa rice & quality of Japanese rice. Product is widely distributed in the Philippines and currently exporting to USA, CANADA, UAE , KSA , JORDAN, KUWAIT, QATAR, BHARAIN, AUSTRALIA , ASIA, and expanding its exports to other parts of the world . Diversifying its business, the company has now been exporting, Fresh Cavendish Banana ,Golden Pineapple, & other Philippine Fruits & Vegetables. We also have our latest product which is Dona Maria Brown Rice Puff- a healthy snack food.


2302 Sterling Place,
Pasong Tamo Extension
Makati CIty


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  • Willy Farms® is your source of farm fresh goodness. Backed by SL Agritech Corporation, Willy Farms® utilizes sustainable agriculture and modern farming methods to ensure the excellence of its rice var ...
  • Dona Maria® Premium Quality Rice is the leading brand of packaged rice in the Philippines. Developed by SL Agritech Corporation, established in the year 2000, Dona Maria® is proud of its fully-integra ...
  • Dona Maria Coco Sugar is made from premium quality coconuts grown by farmers in the Philippines. Derived from the sap of the coconut tree, it's an alternative to white or brown sugar and other artific ...
  • Dona Maria Banana Flour is made from 100% unripe high quality green bananas grown in the Philippines. It is rich in fiber, iron, potassium, with very little fat, making it nutritious. It is a good alt ...
  • Dona Maria Brown Rice Puffs is made from 100% Jasponica brown rice. It is gluten free and has no MSG, has dietary fiber and minerals, and is oven-baked, not fried! Snacking has never been more fun. Av ...
  • Dona Maria Miponica Brown Rice is the healthier version of Miponica white rice. Like its white rice counterpart, it is softer and stickier, thus easier to chew than most brown rice. RIch in fiber, mag ...
  • Dona Maria Miponica Rice is soft and full to the bite. It has the features of Japanese rice and Milagrosa rice. It's soft and sticky texture makes it ideal for Korean and Japanese rice dishes. Availab ...
  • Dona Maria Jasponica Brown Rice is delicious and nutritious. Rich in fiber and nutrients, what makes Jasponica Brown stand out is its soft and nutty texture. It is also easy to cook as it requires no ...
  • Dona Maria Premium Quality Rice is proudly bred in the Philippines. The Jasponica variety, proprietary to the company, possesses the best qualities of fragrant Jasmine rice and the softness of Japanes ...
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