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Tareq Majidyan Trading Co


Tareq Majidyan Trading Co

Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-H48
Majidian Trading Company is a family company that was originally founded in Samangan province of afghanistan and is currently active in Herat city. In fact, Samangan province is known as one of the main agricultural lands for high quality products in Afghanistan. We have been growing agricultural products such as almonds and raisins for more than 100 years. our first almond farm was planted in 1920 by our ancestors in Samangan. Majidian Trading Company is one of the leading producers and exporters of Afghanistan's premium dried fruit products in the world. our Company is willing to explore new business opportunities around the world. Based on our experience, we understand our customer's needs and are committed to high quality and service. Our goal is to ensure that our customers benefit from their investment. Our Products include: Afghan dry fruits such as pistachios, almonds, raisins, dried figs, pine nuts (Chilgoza), apricots and... Our target countries and markets are: India,China, Europe, neighboring countries, Turkey and Arab countries, especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Also, this company has branches in neighboring countries and united Arab Emirates. and offers its products to customers and global markets with SKK, MGT, & RUBYNUTS brands. Of course, we are marketing and processing Afghanistan's dried fruit to most countries in the world. But despite the fact that, the Afghanistan's agricultural products are organic and have high quality in the world. But it has a small share in world markets. with the efforts of all colleagues, we will introduce Afghanistan's agricultural products to the world.


Herat Afghanistan
Imam Moslem 31 Rd.
shasto chahar Meteri Rd.


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