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Tealicious Green Teas Pvt. Ltd.



Tealicious Green Teas Pvt. Ltd.

Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP-G19
Tea Hues is established by a 2th generation tea entrepreneur with a lineage of over 30 years in the Indian tea industry. Tea is rooted deep in our families and culture. It’s the world we have grown up in and know from up close, the gardens of Darjeeling and Assam, the Himalayas looming as a backdrop. We are steeped in a legacy that’s centuries old. We value it and uphold this heritage. We deliver garden freshest teas – worldwide direct from the source. We procure our teas directly from 100+ tea plantations in India. We’re packing up freshness. Tea prospers on freshness. We have no middlemen: we make sure every tea we send out are fresher and tastier than anything you’ve ever had to date. We deliver the most delicious loose-leaf teas from Darjeeling, Assam, and to the world. Teas taste best when they’re fresh. Much like vegetable and fruit, teas do go stale over time. They lose flavour and aroma and become flat. Fresh teas are delicious, full of flavour. The traditional tea route is a long one, beginning in the garden and involving multiple middlemen. It takes between 6-8 months for teas, once produced, to reach the consumer, tea Hues did away with the long supply chain, reducing it from five stages to two. We’ve become the single link between producer and a global consumer base. Moisture, light, oxygen and heat are the worst enemies of tea. At Tea Hues facility at Siliguri, Darjeeling we have developed a special temperature controlled area for sorting and storing our teas coming from tea gardens and move our product through cold chain network to our packaging facility in Delhi which help us in maintaining its taste and aroma. Because we make the teas with the Fresh Twist.


Tealicious Green Teas Pvt Ltd
62 Rama Road Industrial Area
New Delhi


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  • A light, lively cup that emphasizes the nuances of burnt wood and a sweet smokiness that completely absorbs the taste from the first sip
  • Refreshing fruit tea
  • Chai blend with natural cardamom, ginger, & fennel.
  • Our fresh chamomile flowers help in Sleep & destress, taste with notes of crisp apple
  • Finish of course with this soothing natural green tea blend with jasmine flowers
  • A typical Darjeeling clone with an incredibly fresh and bright taste. A long and clean raw fruit length reminiscent of ripe tropical guava-like fruits is immediately noticeable and flows to the finish ...
  • Fresh from Darjeeling, a beautiful autumnal Oolong full of sweet floral characteristics.
  • Wonderful for an afternoon break. It has a mild, rosy, and restful flavor.
  • A classic blend made with premium Assam black tea and pure bergamot extract, it's bursting with citrus
  • Feel refreshed with high-grown green tea & real peppermint leaves with no hidden flavors .
  • A light, lively cup that emphasizes the nuances of burnt wood and a sweet smokiness that completely absorbs the taste from the first sip.
  • This tea will delight your imagination with a timeless blend of classic sweet-smoky flavors. The infusion is thick and sweet, with aromas of malt and honey, with a smoky note that lasts well until the ...
  • Instant Karak Masala Chai Available in 4 blends Saffron Chai Cardamom Chai Ginger Chai Masala Chai
  • Teahues is an online tea shop that delivers, every single day, the freshest Indian teas to tea lovers everywhere. As a company, we believe tea is so much more than just a staple part of mornings and m ...
  • Sourcing directly form the 100+ tea gardens. From crop to cup direct
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