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Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP2-K32
AD Group, a group of companies operating within FMCG segments. With over 25 years of experience in Import & Distribution, Warehouse & Logistics, and Retail, we – AD Group – is proud to provide the best quality products and services, together with professional staff who always support and answer questions from business partners. For AD Group, business is not only about profit. We also share the experiences and care for consumer health. To fulfil our goals and bring operations to a new level, we are committed to providing business partners with excellent services and premium quality products. This includes the global coffee brand ADORÉ and excellent-quality cakes from TOPCAKE to consumers worldwide.


Viet Nam


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  • Topcake Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 in Vietnam with the goal of providing high-quality confectionery products, bringing customers European standard products as well as the value of incredible ta ...
  • We are a world coffee connoisseur, who believes in the power of great coffee taste that can touch human souls, and delight the world. We witnessed the companionship between coffee and people How coffe ...
  • Olympic Coffee JSC built a state-of-the-art instant coffee manufacturing plant in 2018 with an area of 5.4 ha on the outskirt of HCMC. We use the latest German technology to produce the finest spray-d ...
  • Pure Black
  • Pure Black
  • Includes 4 types of cappuccinos with almond, hazelnut, Irish, and coconut flavor, creating a nice nutty flavor, elevating the sweet richness in your coffee cup.
  • Enjoy the combination of rich milk and premium coffee, enhanced by the delightful aroma of coconut, and allow every sip to satisfy your passion for a delicious cappuccino.
  • Hazelnut Cappuccino
  • Nutty almond cappuccino
  • Creamy cappuccino enhanced to bring out the unique flavour that is authentically Irish.
  • Intensely strong and sweet Vietnamese coffee flavour to instantly dissolve the morning daze and perk your delight up for the day.
  • Includes 4 flavours that represents the ways of experiencing a cup of coffee in 4 Asian countries: Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia.
  • Delivers an authentic and intense flavour of classic Vietnamese milk coffee by blending sweet milk with quality coffee beans.
  • A beautiful blend of cocoa bitterness and creamy sweetness. Together with its rich brown color, a distinctive flavor upon the first sip.
  • A subtle chocolate scent, accompanied by brown sugar and rich cream powder, makes it impossible to erase this unique experience.
  • The perfect combination of bitterness with a sweet aftertaste and the fragrant aroma of milk delivers an authentic experience of Indonesian coffee culture with just one sip.
  • 100% pure Arabica beans from Kenya, medium-roasted for a complex but balanced flavour, with notes of citrus accented by the sweetness of brown sugar and dry fruit.
  • 100% pure Arabica beans from Ethiopia, medium roasted to achieve light flavours of chamomile rose, and bergamot flowers. Bitterness is greatly lessened with sweetness of honey
  • 100% pure Arabica beans from Colombia, medium roasted to retain deep fragrance and flavour. The nutty mouthful is later resolved to a light sweet and sour aftertaste
  • 100% pure Arabica beans from Brazil, medium-roasted to achieve an unforgettably strong taste and natural aroma. Slightly bitter and chocolatey in each taste.
  • We provide high-grade products which are manufactured under standardized processes and strict quality control: Green beans (Robusta and Arabica), Roast & Ground, Ready to Drink, Soluble coffee (Freeze ...
  • Castana Cookies, a line of Western-styled premium cookies will be the perfect choice of gift to convey the affection for relatives and friends on important occasions. Assorted Cookies Castana is a col ...
  • Castana Cookies, a line of Western-styled premium cookies will be the perfect choice of gift to convey the affection for relatives and friends on important occasions. Assorted Cookies Castana is a col ...
  • ChokoChoko will be a heartfelt gift for people with a sweet tooth and especially chocolate fanatics. Made from the highest quality cocoa ingredients, each ChokoChoko cupcake is packed with an original ...
  • Cupcakes or muffins have created unforgettable experiences for cake lovers since they were first introduced to the world of pastries. Inspired by that love, we bring to the world a line of cupcakes th ...
  • Topcake brings to you 3 types of crispy, delicious, trendy waffles rolls for dynamic and creative young people. Tiktok ecstatic flavors: Sweet Strawberry, Rich and salty Cheese, and Bitter chocolate w ...
  • It's just wonderful to kick start a day with endless inspiration from Tik Tok egg cookies. The crunchy texture of the cookies combined with the creamy buttery coating, the aromatic durian, or the rich ...
  • Topcake Custard - Premium cream-filled sponge cake will convince your taste buds at the very first taste. This is a proud creation of Topcake bakers who are always passionate to create fresh, deliciou ...
  • Toppy One cupcakes are meaningful gifts that are full of surprises for everyone. Made from premium ingredients carefully selected and imported directly from abroad, it ensures a delicious taste and a ...
  • Topcake is proud to bring a line of premium chocolate-covered cupcakes -Top'nTop. The sponge layer is soft, tender and fluffy, along with the sugar sprinkles covered on top that create a colorful and ...
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