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Trading House LLC VOSKHOD



Trading House LLC VOSKHOD

Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: HP-F5
ABOUT THE COMPANY Voskhod is one of the largest modern bread companies in Russia, producing frozen bread, confectionery and baking puff pastry. Production sites are located in Moscow, Novosibirsk and Ufa, covering all the territory of Russian Federation as well as CIS countries. The company is reliable and active B2B partner with perfectly worked-out business model and optimal product-service package for more than 20 000 private bakeries, supermarkets with bakeries and fast food restaurants since 2005. New production lines, up-to-date management systems and rigid control during each production stage ensure high stable level of quality and compliance with all requirements of certification authorities.


51 3, office No 8 9
Silikatnaya street
Moscow region


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  • The perfect base for sandwiches with tender crumb.
  • Wheat bread on natural whey with a subtle creamy-milky aroma and rich taste.
  • Family wheat bread on natural whey with a subtle creamy-milky aroma and rich taste.
  • Low-calorie and easily digestible rye-wheat bread. Without yeast and sugar. It is recommended for dietary nutrition.
  • Rye-wheat custard bread with flax and sunflower seeds.The bread contains valuable ingredients: barley malt and cut rye grain, rich in high nutritional value, vitamin and mineral composition.
  • Multi-grain bread for proper nutrition.
  • Nutritious and satisfying bread, which includes various cereals rich in fiber and minerals. The high content of sunflower seeds and flax enriches bread with vitamins of groups E and R. Bright pieces o ...
  • One of the most popular types of bread in the whole world. Easily recognizable due to its elegant shape and crisp golden crust. The crumb is airy, pale white in color with large irregular pores.
  • A variation of the classic baguette with an amber crust and an airy large-pored crumb.
  • Traditional rye-wheat bread with a high content of sunflower seeds.
  • Fragrant rye-wheat bread on natural sourdough with the addition of whole sunflower seeds.
  • Truly homemade bread with a thin crust and elastic, finely porous crumb. Spicy notes of dried cranberries, carefully emphasizing the classic taste and aroma of rye malt, give the bread a pleasant sour ...
  • Classic "village" bread on kefir, made according to the traditional recipe in the sourdough method. In the composition of bread, 40% of the volume is occupied by natural kefir!
  • Multi-grain bread with a pumpkin seed outer finish. Enriched with fiber and minerals with a bright rich taste for true connoisseurs.
  • Baguette "Fitness" - a baguette not only for enjoying the taste, but also for taking care of your health. Carefully selected cereals and oilseeds, combined with malt and carrots, give a bright, full-b ...
  • Real rye malt bread with rich taste, aroma and characteristic color of real "black" bread.
  • Original bread with "tiger" crust and delicate elastic crumb with particles of rye grain shell. The bread is made by hand using a complex technology and has an unsurpassed taste.
  • Choux artisan bread for real gourmets! The unique composition of rye-wheat flour with the addition of dried carrots, sunflower seeds and red malt creates a unique test and aroma! It is impossible to b ...
  • Yeast-free wheat bread on natural sourdough with a crispy crust. It contains durum wheat flour, rye malt and beta-carotene, thanks to which the bread crumb acquires elasticity and a beautiful golden c ...
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