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Vesta-Lider LTD



Vesta-Lider LTD

Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-141
Lithuania–Ukraina company Vesta Leader LLC is member of Association producers of Kherson watermelon Ukraina and represents a group of private companies and research teams that join forces in the development and implementation of innovative food products. Our specialization is products that strengthen the immune system, products for people at risk of developing endocrine pathologies such as diabetes, products for people in extreme conditions, for vegans and vegetarians. Based on a rigorous scientific approach and many years of research experience of scientists from the Department of Food Technology of the O. Honchar Dnipro National University Ukraina and State Enterprise V.Ya. Danilevsky Institute for Problems of Endocrine Pathology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraina we have developed and implemented dozens of new positions both in the field of food products and biologically active additives (BAA). The basis of our developments is the effective use of biologically active substances that nature has provided us in a variety of plant materials grown and harvested in abundance in Ukraine: watermelons, melons, pumpkins, wild and cultivated berries, grapes, milk thistle, amaranth, coriander, garlic, beets, black cumin, medicinal herbs, etc. Our portfolio of promising developments includes sauces, capsulated products, drinks, vegetable and fruit snacks, confectionery, cryo-powders, and other forms of products with a special composition that can reduce the risk of developing complications in diabetes, strengthen the immune system, improve well-being, and help the body adapt to extreme conditions.


20-Richchya Peremogy Street, 30

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