13-17 FEBRUARY 2022


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Wakohen Inc.

Wakohen Inc.

Hall: Trade Centre Arena Stand: S-H12
About 20 years ago, Yasuhisa Horiguchi noticed that using chemicals kill not only pest but also some natural part. He was struggling to find a way to grow tea, without using chemical everyday. One day, after a big typhoon, he realized that all the pest had disappeared, blown away by the wind. With that hint, he started to develop a machine focused on wind and water pressure. From that time, no matter if it was day or night, he immersed himself into steady study, forgetting sometimes food and drink. When he was almost feeling on the point to give up, the smile of customers encouraged him. Almost 10 years later, after failure and failures, he finally succeed, the sprinkling strong wind prevention machine “Hurricane King” was born. This machine is respecting the ecosystem of nature in our tea garden and allow us to provide a tea that doesn’t need chemicals. Today it still protects our tea garden. There is even now a new machine called the “Steam Buster SL” that makes high temperature steam, using only water to prevent the weed from growing. In 2016, all those effort make us able to acquired the FSSC22000. We have this world food safety standard certification from our own factory for the unrefined and refine tea and even the packaging, only few companies has both in Japan. We are now also able to make Organic Tea as well. We believe that “good for nature is good for human”.


758 Futsuhara, Ariake-cho



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