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Zar Research & Industrial Group


Zar Research & Industrial Group

Hall: Shk Rashid Hall Stand: R-Q4
Zar Group, relying on its experience, global and local knowledge in the fields of production, product development, commerce, service, investment, etc., with an entrepreneurial approach based on knowledge, innovation and with expertise in B2B and B2C businesses in response to needs Society and value creation work. The ultimate goal of Zar Group is to enter new industries to improve the lifestyle and quality of life of human society. Zar group exports authentic food to over 80 countries. It has been the best exporter of the country for 10 years sequentially and was awarded many times. We attempt to increase our clients worldwide and to communicate with more industrial companies in other countries in order to develop in commerce and food industry.


Zar Grain Refinary, Ghasem Abad Road, Old Hashtgerd, Alborz
Iran, Islamic Republic of


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  • Glucose Powder Is corn syrup solids in a convenient powder form. It is water soluble and is widely used in the preparation of foods, beverages, baking, canning and the pharmaceutical industry. It can ...
  • Corn syrup Also known as Fructose syrup, Is a transparent sweet liquid and free off-flavor which exerts many properties such as sweetening, increasing the osmotic pressure, water holding, lowering the ...
  • Glucose syrup Is a transparetand colorless product with high purity, is flavorless and odorless and has properties like developing a uniform texture, exerting a mild sweetness, increasing the brightne ...
  • Maltodextrin Is a mixture of poly and oligosaccharides that has a DE of lower than 20. It is used in wide range of food products due to its unique properties such as solubility in cold water, low visc ...
  • Modified Starches such as: Modified starch (1422 hot and cold swelling) Pregelatinized starch Oxidized starch Cationic starch Due to inherent limitations, native starch cannot be used in some applicat ...
  • Native corn starch Starch is a white odorless powder that can be found in roots or stems of many plants. Corn, wheat and potato are the main sources of starch. About 80% of world's starch production i ...
  • Cake and Pancake Powder
  • Pottage Macaronies, with the Best Possible Qualities.
  • Different types of Lasagna, with the Best Possible Qualities.
  • Spaghettis and Pastas in Different Shapes, with the Best Possible Qualities.
  • Crispy Thick Multi Layer Wafer With Roasted Hazelnut
  • Crispy Thick Multi Layer Wafer With Roasted Hazelnut
  • Light Cake With Milk Chocolate Cream Filling
  • Light Cake With Vanilla Cream Filling
  • Cocoa Thick Wafer With Dark Chocolate Coating
  • Bar Cake With Mulberry Filling & Milk Chocolate Coating
  • Bar cake With Cocoa Filling and Milk Chocolate Coating
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