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Renards Cheese



Renards Cheese

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Renard's Cheese is an American artisan cheese maker. Renard's Cheese manufactures Unique American style cheeses, proudly made by Master Cheese Maker Chris Renard, a title owned by less than 100 cheese makers in the entire U.S. Our cheese is proudly made in Wisconsin, USA where our cows are fed only the best of ingredients: Corn, Soy Beans and Alfalfa. This gives all of our cheese it's signature creamy, rich texture. Renard's specializes in making Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Brick, Farmers and other American varieties of cheese. In addition, Renard's creates unique and delicious blends of cultures and flavors using natural spices, fruits and vegetables. Renard's can offer our cheeses in Retail, Deli and Food Service sizes. All of which carry our attractive Renard's branding.


Renard's Cheese 2189 County Road DK
United States
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Exhibitor Products

  • Blue Marble Jack is the best of both cheeses! Monterey Jack brings the creamy texture, sliceability, and easy melting. Blue Cheese contributes a little zing and a lot of flavor. They combine to make this cheese a must have! Great on cheese platters, ...
  • Apples and Cinnamon Jack starts with the mild buttery taste of monterey jack. Then it adds in flavorful sweet apples and a dash of cinnamon to create a tasty applejack treat. Use it in a breakfast burrito, or between two pieces of French toast for a ...
  • Smoked Brick is a Wisconsin original cheese. It’s creamy and semi-soft with a rich smoky flavor. It slices and melts well. Enjoy it as a flavorful treat, or in omelettes, souffles, au gratins and more- anywhere you’d like to introduce a hint of smoki ...
  • Mild Brick is a Wisconsin original. It’s a young cheese that is creamy, semi-soft and mild in flavor. It slices and melts well, making it great for grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Garlic Brick Cheese is a Wisconsin original! Creamy and mild, with a savory garlic seasoning. A rich and flavorful cheese that slices easily and melts well.
  • Caraway seeds add a nutty, bittersweet flavor to creamy, mild brick cheese. Caraway also adds subtle flavors of pepper, citrus and mild licorice for a unique taste sensation. This cheese melts easily for use in a wide variety of recipes.
  • Morel and Leek Monterey Jack is one of our most popular cheeses! The creaminess of Monterey Jack plus the nutty, earthy character of morel and delicately mild onion flavor of leek makes this cheese heavenly. A tantalizing combination of flavors that ...
  • Pepper Jack combines the creamy mild flavor of Monterey Jack with the kick of jalapeno peppers. It’s a semi-soft cheese, which means that it melts quite easily.  Pepper Jack cheese tastes great on sandwiches, in Mexican dishes, or eaten all by itself ...
  • Tuscan Rosemary Herb Cheddar introduces a savory combination of Italian herbs into our aged white cheddar cheese.
  • Best in Class, First Place in the 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest! Our Hoop Cheddar is irresistibly delicious. Dipped in red wax, these wedges are visually appealing so they work great for gatherings, special occasions or charcuterie displays. ...
  • Tomato Basil Cheddar is a sharp medium cheddar, infused with flavors of tomato and basil. Shreds and slices well, so it’s perfect for sandwiches.
  • Our Sriracha Cheddar features the tangy sweet garlicky taste of sriracha in a sharp medium cheddar.
  • Smoked Cheddar is our traditionally aged medium cheddar with a distinct smoky flavor. Slices and grates well. Serve with sausage on a snack tray or add to a macaroni and cheese recipe for a flavorful twist.
  • Onion and Garlic White Cheddar showcases flavors of onion and garlic set against the tangy backdrop of white cheddar. Ideal for adding a bold twist to your favorite recipes. Add it to a creamy white sauce to deliver an unexpected burst of flavor. Enj ...
  • Olive Cheddar Cheese is mild, and combines the saltiness of green olives with the fruitful taste of black olives. Looks beautiful plated on a charcuterie board! Serve perfectly melted on top of a toasted baguette for a delicious treat.
  • In 2020, our Master Cheesemaker created a new variety of cheddar with unparalleled qualities similar to those found in Old World Cheddar, but even better. So, with a nod to the future instead of the past, we deemed it New World Cheddar.In 2022, it wo ...
  • Our Mild Cheddar is an award-winner! Handcrafted and aged one to three months to deliver a mild tangy flavor. Slices and grates easily, making for a perfect grilled sandwich.
  • Our award-winning Medium Cheddar is handcrafted.   Aged four to ten months, it delivers a traditional cheddar taste with medium tangy sharpness.
  • You’ve got to try our Maple Syrup Cheddar to believe it! The mild sweetness of maple syrup melds with the sharpness of white cheddar.  Use as a sweet and savory addition to a biscuit recipe, integrated into your favorite breakfast recipe, or eaten al ...
  • Liven up your next recipe with a little bite by adding our Horseradish Cheddar. The flavor of cheddar merges with the tangy zip of horseradish! This cheese would be great on a grilled cheese, in a beef or chicken recipe, or on top of your next burger ...
  • Monterey Jack is a semi-soft, mild cheese that is commonly used in Mexican dishes. Perfect for using in an enchilada recipe, quesadilla or simply atop a savory cracker.
  • Garlic and Herb Cheddar starts with the sharpness of cheddar, accentuated by garlic and herb spices. Slices and grates easily for a extraordinary addition to any beef dish.
  • Hints of sweet cranberries complement the medium sharp tangy notes of this white cheddar cheese.
  • Peppercorns are the star of our Cracked Black Pepper Cheddar cheese! This cheese is laden with a bold, zesty flavor that can easily stand alone as a snack. It also adds a sharp peppery zip to any recipe.
  • Habanero Jack is one of the spiciest cheeses that we sell. A buttery tart flavor with the sweet, fruity heat of habanero peppers. This creamy cheese melts easily, making it ideal for nachos, enchiladas and other hot dishes. Easy slicing also makes it ...
  • Cherry Chipotle Cheddar creates a unique whirlwind of flavors! Sweet cherry and smoky heat entwine amidst the  tanginess of cheddar. Add to your favorite cornbread recipe for a delightfully nectarous smoky twist!
  • Renard’s Cherry Cheddar showcases the buttery tartness of white cheddar with bursts of sweet Door County cherries! It’s a creamy delight that goes great on cheese trays and in recipes.
  • Try our best-selling 2 Year White Cheddar and be prepared to fall in love. It’s exquisitely sharp, yet creamy and smooth. Our aged cheddar is made in 38-pound wheels, then carefully dipped in wax and placed in an aging room to age the old-fashioned w ...
  • Our 2-Year Cheddar is one of our most popular cheeses. Its slightly sharp flavor makes it great for sandwiches or as the key ingredient in homemade macaroni and cheese. This cheese offers a sharp flavor, a creamy yet firm texture, and a heightened ar ...
  • Our 1-Year Cheddar offers a slightly sharp flavor and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Its flavor will surely elevate any dish that calls for a rich and cheesy taste. Easy slicing makes this cheddar a perfect addition to an appetizer tray, or on your fa ...
  • A tantalizing nutty flavor of cheddar with the slight aroma and citrus peppery taste of caraway.
  • Some like it hot! The heat of Ghost Peppers contrast with the creaminess of Monterey Jack cheese. Melt it on your next steak or burger, or add to your favorite casserole!
  • We blended Renard’s white cheddar cheese with the flavors of balsamic vinegar and caramelized onion, and came up with a cheese so amazing that it just begs to be put on top of your next burger or chicken dish! It delivers sweet notes at the beginning ...
  • Renard’s Apple Cinnamon Cheddar Cheese features sweet apples and cinnamon with the buttery taste of cheddar. The flavor is sharp and tangy with a hint of sweetness.
  • Cranberry Jalapeno Monterey Jack will add an unexpected kick to your favorite recipe! Creamy Monterey Jack cheese, tart cranberries, and spicy jalapenos harmonize in a way that will make your taste buds sing! Try it on a charcuterie board or amp up y ...

Exhibitor Brands

  • Renard's Cheese is an American artisan cheese maker. Renard's Cheese manufactures Unique American style cheeses, proudly made by Master Cheese Maker Chris Renard, a title owned by less than 100 cheese ...

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