17 - 21 February 2019

Dubai World Trade Centre

Exhibition Features

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Be the first to know. Gulfood brings you the news of the industry. In 2018, we are introducing two entirely new show areas, designed to optimize your journey and amplify you business potential.


Newcomers Area

A pavilion dedicated to F&B companies that have never done business in the Middle East & North Africa region, and are exploring Gulfood to enter this market. If you are looking for brand new suppliers, this is a must-see exhibition area.

Newcomers are located at the Za'abeel Plaza.

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Gulfood 2018 Halls - DWTC Iconic Map

Discover Zone

An interactive gallery designed to showcase recently-launched products by Gulfood exhibitors.

Located at the Za'abeel Link, the Discover Zone will integrate physical products with digital displays for an optimal visitor experience. Start out your visit to Gulfood 2018 by learning what's new in the market. The Discover Zone will feature products and trends across the following categories:


  • Danechurn with Coconut Oil
  • Yogikids Pouch
  • Muratbey Helix Cheese
  • Graham's The Family Dairy Skyr
  • Mon Grec À La Française
  • Candia Professional Cream Cheese 
  • Elle & Vire Desserts Patissiers

Hot Beverages

  • Hans Instant Coffee-Soups-spaghetti in BPA free Cups
  • Fast Brew Tea
  • Hyleys Kids Tea with Real Apples
  • Mövenpick Coffee Capsules "Der Himmlische" 
  • Kstar Red Velvet Latte
  • Newby Teas
  • Old Harbor Assam Tea

Cold Beverages

  • Glinter Soft Drink 
  • Sparkling Rhubarb and Cloudy Lemonade
  • Fold Fusion Blue, Pink and Yelow 
  • Spring Aqua Premium Spring Water
  • Fruita GABA with Young Coconut Juice
  • Dewy - Green Coffee
  • "Detox Water" Organic Honey, Ginger, Cinnamon  

Meat and Poultry

  • BiYe Mini Salami, Sandvic & Köfte  
  • TrustMyChicken®
  • Turkish Chicken Kebabs 
  • Namet Classic Heat Threated Coil Soujouk
  • Nora Fine Foods Whole Chicken 
  • Rigamonti Sandwiches (Tramezzino) 
  • Rigamonti Salame Milano  

Health, Wellness and Free-From

  • Ecopouch Mushrooms 
  • Mamma Quinoa (TM) 
  • O3PO® - The omega-3 powder ingredient from in Omega3
  • Al Ain Vitamin D Water 
  • myceMAX Ganoderma 
  • Domo Instant Drink Light with Collagen


  • The Cheesecake Factory At Home, Sea Salt Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar 
  • Bran & Chia Biscuits
  • Handmade Dark Chocolate Infused with Premium Indian Saffron
  • Hunter's Gourmet - Brown Rice Crackers
  • Biscuits with Chia Seeds
  • Rose Petal, Gold Leaf and Pistachio Hard Candy Lollipop 


  • Wholegrain Snack Rosemary & Sea Salt 
  • Cornitos Red Taco Shells Beetroot Chili  
  • Hunter's Gourmet - Roasted Coconut Chips
  • Protein Chips
  • Organic Sweet Simi
  • Kale Chips
  • Crispy Clan


  • Tomato Hot Salsa 
  • Zero Calorie & Zero Sugars Syrups
  • Bunge Pro SF 1 – Sunflower Oil with Butter Essence
  • NHS Black Garlic
  • Sider Emirates Honey Gift set
  • Cold Pressed Spicepaprika Seedoil Sweet/Hot
  • Relish with Mustard and Sweet Pepper

Discover Zone Gallery

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