17 - 21 February 2019

Dubai World Trade Centre

Global Industry Outlook Report

Gulfood International Food Trade Show

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) will deliver the strongest regional growth for the international food and beverage (f&b) industry, with Asia Pacific also holding ‘enticing’ prospects.

The inaugural Gulfood Global Industry Outlook Report is a comprehensive study commissioned to our Knowledge Partner Euromonitor International. It is the result of an in-depth market survey, featuring trade discussions with local and global manufacturers, distributors, trade associations and government entities.

The 120+ page report dives into key consumer trends and market opportunities across 5 core industry sectors:

  • Meat & Poulty
  • Beverages
  • Dairy
  • Edible Oils
  • Pulses, Grains & Cereals
Gulfood Global Industry Outlook Report - Total F&B Value Sales

The News of the Industry

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Did you know?

  • The F&B industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in terms of jobs and value added in most economies contributing US$77.5 trillion globally in 2017.
  • Blockchain is now used to trace and track food products, providing information about their location and condition along each step in the supply chain.
  • Beverages dominate global sales of food and beverages in value terms, while edible oils is the fastest growing category.
  • Convenience stores and forecourt retailers now compete directly with traditional foodservice outlets, providing a wide range of hot and cold F&B, take-home, delivered and on-the-go stock.
  • Vertical integration is intense in some categories, seeking to control all aspects of production and delivery to meet emerging consumer demand for ethical, naturally healthy and affordable products.
  • By 2030, Sub Saharan Africa will be outpacing all other regions in population growth, partly driven by foreign investments in infrastructure, healthcare and nutrition.
  • With up to 24% of the population of Europe expected to be over 65 years by 2030, products in smaller quantities, with natural flavours and clear labeling are expected to be in higher demand.
  • The recycling label in the most established, recognised and trusted ethical label, with product sales carrying this label reaching US$700 billion worldwide.

Voice of the Industry: Gulfood speaks with industry leaders

Dubai Chamber

Mr. Atiq Nasib, SVP of Commercial Services Sector, speaks about trade forecast, a growing demand of Halal-certified products in China, and the ever-expanding demand for Gulfood exhibition opportunities.


Mr. Sudhakar Gupta, Director of International Business Development, and Mr. Asif Hasan, Group Head of Consumer Insights, speak about thriving in emerging markets, and how to navigate ever-changing consumer behaviors.

Dubai Municipality

Mr. Bobby Krishna, Food Studies & Planning Specialist, speaks about how big data supports food safety measures, changing  consumer behavior to reduce food waste, and using Gulfood as a global platform to build regulatory awareness.


Mr. Kirti Meghnani, Group Procurement Manager, speaks about premiumisation, private labeling, demand for fresh dairy and exponential e-commerce sales growth.


Mr. Ronnie Khajotia, Director, speaks about the state of foodservice in Dubai, the gluten-free trend, Dubai's food trade efficiency, and how the UAE is positively progressing in its goal to become the capital of the global Islamic Economy.

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