16 - 20 February 2020

Dubai World Trade Centre

Knowledge Hub


Knowledge Hub

  • Gulfood Global Connections – Kenya Market Outlook

    19 Feb 2019 Kevin Odongo, Hospitality Expert - Kenya Utalii College
    Latest trends and growth in the F&B sector in Kenya
  • Retail Innovation Case Study: Oceonário de Lisboa Sustainability

    19 Feb 2019 Rita Manso, International Retail Consultancy Senior Director - Daymon
    Achieving sustainability in retail
  • Gulfood Global Connections – Ethiopia Market Outlook

    19 Feb 2019 Abrhame Endrias, Managing Director - Green Agro Solution PLC
    Contract Farming: A boon to the Ethipian agricultural society
  • Smart Operations – Focusing on AI for Supply Chain

    19 Feb 2019 Mike Yesudas, Chief Technology Officer and Distinguished Engineer - IBM
  • Re-Imagine the Future of Taste

    19 Feb 2019 Mamdouh Seoudy - International Flavors & Fragrances Inc

    Consumer transformation shifts - evolution and revolution


  • Keynote: The Future of Food: Challenges and Opportunities

    19 Feb 2019 Dr. Bernhard van Lengerich, CEO, Food System Strategies, Board Member - Beyond Meat

    The world is changing rapidly and the possibilities for breakthrough innovations and disruptors in the food space are bigger than ever

  • Gulfood Global Connections – Egypt Market Outlook

    18 Feb 2019 Ashraf El Gazayerli, Chairman - Chamber of Food Industries and Mashreq for Business Development
    How Egypt's strategic location plays a major impact on the F&B sector
  • Gulfood Global Connections – Saudi Arabia Market Outlook

    18 Feb 2019 Hamza Nihal, Research Manager - OZCO
    Adapting to the new Saudi Arabia
  • Key Success Factors for Distributers

    18 Feb 2019 Bhushant Gandhi, Department Head - Truebell

    Redefining portfolios for distribution

  • Gulfood Market Outlook 2019 - The voice of the F&B industry

    18 Feb 2019 Enrico Gallorini, Co-Founder - GRS Research & Strategy
    The voice of the F&B industry

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