16 - 20 February 2020

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Nu Vu Life: Liqui Life Shake - Stand S1-A50


Nu Vu Life: Liqui Life Shake - Stand S1-A50



Launched in tandem with Gulfood, the Nu Vu Life: Liqui Life Shake by County Food Ingredients is hailed as a solution to a modern issue. The global population aged 60 and over continues to grow, yet reduced time and capacity to shop for and prepare fresh food can result in lower nutrition levels across much of the demographic.

County Food Ingredients explain; “The motivation behind the Liqui-Life shake is simple. Malnutrition, particularly among our senior population, is a silent but serious problem. In the UK, BAPEN suggests that 1.3 million people over the age of 65 suffer from malnutrition. Offering better nutrition and hydration care for individuals at risk can result in a better quality of life for that person.”



Mintel recently reported senior product development to be one of the most significant trends impacting F&B in 2019.

“The diversity of seniors needs can be addressed through food and drink for medical purposes as well as products designed for prevention, with formulations that are nutritious, flavourful and easy to consume.”




Available in an easy-to-prepare sachet format, the Liqui-Life shake provides 100% of consumer’s recommended daily intake of Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamins B6, D and Folic Acid. The product is also high in protein and fat, low in sugar, and packed with micronutrients to aid healthy recovery. It can be reconstituted with either water, milk or plant-based liquids and is part of the next generation of nutritional shakes. Current flavours in the range are Strawberry, Banana and Chocolate and an unflavoured option for the fortification of Soups, Beverages and Desserts.

Find out more at Stand S1-A50 Sheikh Saeed Hall until Thursday.

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