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Gulfood Innovations - a preview for 2019


Gulfood Innovations - a preview for 2019

Decadent Hot Chocolate, Valor

Valor-CaCaoGlobal innovation scouts Gama are pointing to a recent Spanish-recipe launch by Gulfood exhibitors Valor.

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Bottled water for infants, Agthia

Al-Ain-BambiniWave goodbye to the days of boiling and filtering baby water by hand, thanks to UAE Innovators Agthia

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Superfast Oats, Mornflake


Gulfood19The manufacturer's unique process speeds  authentic porridge cooking times whilst preserving quality.

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Doux Fitlife, Doux SA

Doux chicken Gulfood 19Ethical farming standards are top of the list for consumers

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Lime and chilli, Blue Diamond 

Gulfood19Consumers seek out complex flavours to curb mid-afternoon snack cravings.

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Apple, Celery and Ginger, Barakat

Gulfood19Gut health, mental clarity and overall vitality are the goals. These zero-concentrate juices are the answer.

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+Linha (+Fit) Fruut, Cerealis International

Gulfood19Not all cereals are created equal, but wholesome, low sugar varieties are getting a tick from industry experts.

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Yas granola bars, Al Foah LLC

Gulfood19High nut content and the on-trend appeal of satiating fruits is creating space for this product in the snack market.

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Plant-based bar, Nature Zen

Gulfood19This innovative snack aligns with a growing consumer focus on macronutrients. 

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Nestle Middle East FZE

Gulfood19The latest in a line of RTD canned drinks that represent major opportunities for retailers.

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