16 - 20 February 2020

Dubai World Trade Centre

Agthia - Stand C7-20


Agthia - Stand C7-20

Food Gets Up Close and Personal in 2019

Personalization refers to the new era of food and beverage products being designed with the needs of a very specific target market at their core. Easy-to-prepare meal kits for seniors and free-from products for those with allergies are common examples. According to Mintel, this trend towards customization for the masses is going deeper in 2019, with products created to ease the lives of individual target groups being labelled “elevated convenience”.



Millennials Inspire New Food Launches

It comes as no surprise then that Millennials (who are finally expected to outnumber baby boomers in 2019) are the blueprint behind many of these new personalized food launches. And with millennials sitting squarely at infant-rearing age, convenience products aimed at children are fast becoming a key area of development.

RTD Infant Water Hits the Shelves

Cue Al Ain Bambini, a brand new portable drinking water for babies and toddlers. Positioned as the perfect solution for formulas, cereals, juices and for standalone consumption, Bambini has been specifically developed to suit babies’ sensitive needs with a special formulation that contains zero sodium, sulfate fluoride, nitrate or bromate and (to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the high mineral content in baby’s milk formula) low levels of minerals.

FMCG innovation watchers Gama have recently credited the product among the most original F&B launches on their radar. “Bottled water companies may increasingly use occasion or audience specific launches as a differentiator. This is the first bottled water we can recall that is positioned for infant formula.”





Food Producers Agthia on Solutions for all the Family

As the number 1 bottled water brand in the UAE, manufacturer and upcoming Gulfood exhibitor Agthia Group consider their responsibility “to add value to consumers and their families” to be the driving force behind their success. Reiterating the nutritional and convenience benefits of the innovative product, company CEO Eng. Tariq Ahmed Al Wahedi explains “Al Ain Bambini is rightly balanced for infants’ immediate consumption.”

Meet Agthia at Gulfood

So as we wave goodbye to the days of boiling and filtering baby water by hand, UAE Innovators Agthia look forward to a busy and productive week at Gulfood 19. Meet them at Stand C7-20 where they’ll be showcasing a wide range of packaged products in the Power Brands Hall.

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* Trend insights courtesy of Gama


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