13-17 FEBRUARY 2022


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UAE Latte Art Grading Battle

UAE Latte Art Grading Battle

This is the first UAE National Latte Art Grading Battle


Are you a Latte Art fan? 

Join the Latte Art Arena for an exciting challenge among the country's best Latte Artists: the first ever Latte Art Grading Battle in the UAE! 

Don’t miss an unforgettable experience with Latte Art's real protagonists: meet the founder Luigi Lupi, the legendary World Champion and Golden Jug Manuela Fensore and the Italian Champion and black jug Carmen Clemente. 

THE LAGS BATTLE is one the most important national and international latte art competitions. The challenge is organized in five levels, from white to black, and, like in the martial arts, whites challenge the whites in pairs, oranges challenge the oranges in pairs, and so on until only one artist wins the competition of each category. National selections take place every year, and the winners of the green, red and black grades will represent their nation to the final ring of the WLAGS (World Latte Art Grading Battle), held worldwide every two years.  

The competition is open to everyone who have acquired the certificates related to the level they wish to compete in. 

UAE Latte Art Grading Battle Programme

Located at Za'abeel Hall 5

    • UAE Latte Art Grading Battle
    Za'abeel Hall 5
    The basic courses will teach enthusiasts, or baristas who just started their career in the field, the basics of latte art and the correct techniques to master its most basic patterns: the rosette and ...
    • UAE Latte Art Grading Battle
    Za'abeel Hall 5
    The intermediate courses are thought for those who already practice latte art, and wish to improve their drawing technique, and to gain the second level LAGS certificate, after passing the Green or Re ...
    • UAE Latte Art Grading Battle
    Za'abeel Hall 5
    The advanced courses are special classes for skilled latte art artists who wish to win over the hidden troubles and challenges in mastering the most advanced techniques from the champions. After the c ...
    • UAE Latte Art Grading Battle
    Za'abeel Hall 5
    Who will be the White and Orange winners of the first ever LAGS battle in the UAE? Join us and find out!'
    • UAE Latte Art Grading Battle
    Za'abeel Hall 5
    Don't miss the most challenging battle among the highest graded Latte Artists and find out who will represent the UAE at the next LAGS World Battle.

What is a “Latte Art Grading Battle”?

  • Once a year, the Latte Art Grading System organizes a national competition in each country where it is represented.
  • During a battle, participants challenge each other in drawing the official LAGS patterns of the relative category, therefore, the competition takes place in sectors: greens against greens, reds against reds, blacks against blacks, golds against golds.
  • The national battles' winners in each category (green, red, black or gold) will be able to compete in the Final Arena for the World Championship (WLAGS Battle) which takes place worldwide every two years. 
  • The challenge is held as follows: after the registration, competitors will battle out each other one by one, and the pairs will be created by drawing lots. The two challengers will then be positioned on a single table where an espresso machine and a grinder are installed.
  • Each participant must bring his own milk jugs (no etching or other decoration methods are allowed, under penalty of losing the challenge point).
  • The cups in which to draw the patterns are of 3 types: Espresso, Cappuccino and Big Cappuccino, selected by the LAGS organization for the competition, and consistent with the mouth size of the Symmetry Wheel.
  • Each pattern/design can only be proposed and launched for the challenge in the same cup ONCE, this means that it is possible to repeat the same pattern/design but within a cup of a different size.
  • The Symmetry Grading Wheel will be placed on the judges' table to evaluate the symmetry of the patterns. The winning pattern is always the most identical to the one shown in the specifications/disciplinary between the two.
  • In the case of an equal score, the pattern presented in the shortest time will win. 


The Battle is open to all coffee industry baristas, professionals, and specialty coffee enthusiasts residing in the UAE or GCC with Grading Level


Registration is on first come first served basis due to limited competitor places.

More information can be obtained by emailing info@brewever.com

The 2021 UAE Latte Art Grading Battle Champions will represent the UAE at the World Latte Art Grading Battle taking place in HOST, Milan on October 22th – 26th 2021 with return flights and accommodation provided by Brewever Consulting Company/Kuwait







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