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Aitor Jeronimo Orive


Aitor Jeronimo Orive

Aitor Jeronimo Orive

Chef/Owner Basque Kitchen by Aitor
1 Micheline Star
About Chef

A proud descendant of Basque Country, Aitor’s love for cooking was cultivated at a young age. Aitor naturally took to cooking as an expression of his heritage. He further honed his skills as a culinary professional at some of the most iconic restaurants of the world, including Basque Country’s own Mugaritz, Neura in Bilbao, and The Fat Duck in London. In October 2018, Aitor — having travelled from Europe to Australia and finally to Singapore — collaborated with Unlisted Collection for his first solo endeavour. 


Combining past and present culinary influences on a plate, he presents a repertoire of dishes that celebrates classic Basque flavours and produce, yet his cuisine is current and accessible to a global audience. Through the application of contemporary cooking techniques and novel ingredient pairings inspired through his travels and experiences around the world, he injects a modern, cosmopolitan dimension into his renditions of Basque cuisine. Basque Kitchen by Aitor, Singapore’s first Basque-centric restaurant, was unveiled as a celebration of the Basque Country’s rich bounties and culinary heritage.



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