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Bethany Kehdy

Bethany Kehdy

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About Chef

Bethany Kehdy is a Dubai-based celebrated chef, two-time best-selling cookbook author, presenter and founder of culinary experience, Taste Lebanon. Featured in numerous publications and on various TV programmes, including The New York Times, Forbes and CNN, Bethany has been leading the WANA (West Asia and North Africa) food and associated tourism scene for over a decade through her unique perspective on flavor combinations, techniques, and approach to storytelling. She uses her pen and plate to unpack the region’s narrative, moving away from the term Middle East to debunk the fallacies and myths surrounding the cuisine of WANA.


As someone who grew up on a farm in Lebanon, Bethany prefers to avoid the over-manipulated approach, choosing to honor nature’s innate creative force to deliver dishes that are minimal yet bold, imaginative, vividly tantalizing and wholly satiating. Her chef services range from corporate events, supper clubs, residencies, and at-home chef for hire, right through to cooking classes, brand ambassadorship, and concept/ menu development. Bethany takes over BOCA’s kitchen as part of its ‘7 Chefs in 7 Weeks’ activation, introducing a menu that will bring to life West Asian and North African favorites, incorporating locally sourced ingredients.


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