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Kim Joinié-Maurin



Kim Joinié-Maurin

Kim Joinié-Maurin

Head Chef French Riviera Beach
About Chef

Located on the beachfront at the palatial Jumeirah Al Qasr, French Riviera transports its guests to the culinary glamour of the South of France through its convivial ambience, spectacular setting and exquisite yet accessible food. At the helm of French Riviera and French Riviera Beach is one of the world’s most innovative chefs, and former culinary pioneer at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Chef Kim Joinié-Maurin. At French Riviera he aims to channel his experience and creativity into dishes that take guests through the south of France, Spain or Italy, with a single bite. Most recently, Chef Kim carefully crafted a limited-edition degustation menu, bringing together traditional and forward-thinking techniques across the seven courses.


Designed to transport diners to the glamourous Mediterranean coast, from St-Tropez to Monte-Carlo, for an evening reminiscent of warm nights on the French Riviera, the menu takes guests on a gastronomic journey of the senses. Innovative dishes include, an indulgent amuse bouche La Pizzetta Truffe topped with Arugula, Crème-Fraîche and fresh Truffle, the expertly prepared L’oignon Façon “Tatin” signature caramelized onion with Parmesan Cheese Ice Cream, La Saint Jacques with Fregola pasta drizzled with an orange reduction and an interpretation of the traditional La Bouillabaisse. An assortment of deserts feature including a decadent Pain Perdu topped with smooth Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream and a revisited Millfeuille with rich brown butter ice cream.   


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