Louis Han



Louis Han

Louis Han

Chef/Owner NAEUM
1 Michelin Star
About Chef

Chef Louis Han was born and bred in Gangnam, a Seoul district famed for setting trends. His adventurous heart took him to Lebanon, where he served with the United Nations, and Abu Dhabi, before he settled down in Singapore with 15 years of experience behind him. NAE:UM is an ode to memories of Chef Louis’s youth in South Korea and his work in foreign lands, which opened in 2021. The restaurant is a labour of love; the logo depicts the word ‘naeum’ in Korean Hangeul characters and the initials ‘LH’ – designed over almost a year and personally hand-drawn by Han himself. 


Chef Louis Han has two recognitions from the MICHELIN Guide the year, 2022. Apart from the Young Chef Award, his restaurant Nae:um is one of the new restaurants recognised with One MICHELIN Star. And as Han continues to plan, dream, and do, he holds on steadfastly to his core values, ensuring that if has a legacy to leave behind, it is one that he will be proud of. “I hope people will remember me as a chef who is sincere, kind, and warm,” he says with a smile.


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