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Vivek Agarwal



Vivek Agarwal

Vivek Agarwal

Managing Director Bharat Subcontinent Agri Foundation (BSAF)

Vivek Agarwal: Managing Director of Bharat Subcontinent Agri Foundation (BSAF). Years of management success, high performance team leadership, devising creative strategy and driving its implementation, resourcefulness, and an insightful understanding of Agri Commodities details him to some extent.

An expert with over Two Decades of experience in Cross Border Trade in varied commodities. His predominant expertise in Agri Commodities viz. Pulses, Spices etc. and his vast knowledge in the subject is used by various media houses to form an opinion. Vivek has been successfully running his own firms, JLV Agro being one of them, which is into trading of agricultural commodities.


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