Episode 6 - Gregoire Berger


The Chef JKP Podcast - Season 3 in partnership with Gulfood

Episode 6 - Gregoire Berger

When it comes to being one of the most creative and decorated chef’s of the Middle East and beyond, Gregoire Berger has done a lot on his life as a cook, and by the way he is not stopping!

He grew up in Brittany, in his native France, the plan was never to be a chef, it was merely a job to get some extra cash on the side.
It wasn’t long before one of his mentors noticed his talents and gave him an ultimatum, to be average, or to really become something, Gregoire of-course made the decision and the  rest is history.

He went to open a restaurant at the age of 22 in Morocco, with the head chef being away for most of it, Gregoire had no choice but to do the opening from scratch, not an easy task. This is also the place where he met his wife.

 Both Gregoire and his wife both took the decision to move to Dubai, his first job was in a restaurant that never opened, but as fate would have it the Executive chef of Atlantis the Palm called him for a meeting, there was opportunity, and that opportunity would show itself as the restaurant Ossiano.

 Gregoire has had incredible success here, with coveted awards ranging from the St Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year, to then being named in top 100 Best Chef Awards!

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