Episode 8 - Michael Desouza

The Chef JKP Podcast - Season 3 in partnership with Gulfood

Episode 8 - Michael Desouza

He applied and got rejected a total of 18 times, with various airlines for various different reasons. One day the opportunity arose to interview with Emirates, only problem is that there was already 500 people in the queue, most of those with flight experience. Undetered by the 12 hour interview, he gave it his best, and finally got the job!

During his time and working his way up through the ranks, he learnt a great deal about the various types of foods, how to serve, how to deal with people from all walks of life, it was a great learning process.

After a 15 year career, he forced to make lifechanging decision due to COVID- 19, this came naturally as he loved food, but how do you become a chef?

After a conversation with his wife, she mentioned how much he loved food and his interest was always to be a chef, so he enrolled himself into one of the leading culinary institutes in the country – SCAFA! http://www.scafa.ae

He now is a qualified chef. Join in on this inspirational journey, and what it takes to make the best of life's most unexpected moments. 

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