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Shangrila Private Limited


  • 293/16 Block 3 B.Y.J.C.H.S.
  • Bahadurabd
  • Karachi
  • Pakistan
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Shangrila (Private) Limited is a renowned FMCG company from Pakistan which took over the challenges in the domestic market by setting up its manufacturing unit in Karachi in 1988. Continuous product and packaging innovations, besides advancement in the supply chain process and modernization of manufacturing facility with European technology cruised Shangrila ahead of the competition.

With a phenomenal multifold-fold growth, Shangrila has become a success story, profitably managing its portfolio across 6 product categories: Fruit Juices, Ketchup, Sauces, Seasonings, Pickles in Oil & Cooking Pastes under the brand names of FRUITI-O and SHANGRILA respectively.

FRUITI-O offers pulp based juices produced on state-of-the-art production technology where taste, aroma and nutritional values that naturally exist in fruits are preserved, ensuring highest quality parameters.

Internationally Accredited

The company has taken the lead in implementing industry’s good manufacturing practices and obtaining internationally acclaimed certifications. SHANGRILA was among the first few companies in Pakistani food industry to obtain ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System & ISO 22000-2005 (F.S.M.S) certifications along with HALAL certification from SANHA. It is also a member of the Association for Dressings & Sauces USA and an FDA-USA certified facility.  Shangrila has consecutively won Brands of the Year and Consumer Choice Awards over the years.

Global Footprints

SHANGRILA has a strong network in all major towns with more than one hundred and fifty distributors nationwide. SHANGRILA & FRUITI-O has also made inroads in numerous countries with more than thirty international distributors globally, in North America, Middle East, Africa, Far East and Oceania.


Mango Juice
Being the King of Fruits, delicious Mango Drink is the speciality of Fruiti-O. Chaunsa remains the finest due to its appealing aroma. Fruiti-O offers a sensational blend of these mangoes and also use pulp derived from carefully selected Chaunsa variety.
Guava Juice
Guava is grown in all the provinces of Pakistan. However, the most admired variety with great aroma and flavor is grown in Sindh Province. The major guava growing areas include Shariqpur, Kasur, Lahore, Sheikhupora, Sangla Hills,Gujranwala in the Punjab; Kohat, Haripur and Bannu in the KPK, whereas Larkana and Hyderabad...
Orange/Mango Juice
Without a doubt, Fruiti-O blends great quality of both Orange and Mango Drink in one exciting offering and thus is an absolute delight for the taste buds.
Peach Juice
Peach is delicious in taste with appealing flavor and aroma. It is the traditional crop of Northern Areas of Pakistan, specially Peshawar, Swat Valley, Quetta and certain parts of Kohistan Hills that are the main growing areas of peach. Fruiti-O brings you a thirst quenching and aromatic drink made from...
Apple Juice
Apple, the Sweet Gold of Pakistan is extensively grown in the province of Balochistan and shares 85% of the total production of the country. Fruiti-O offers juice from the freshest and the juiciest of apples. We preserves the real goodness of this blessing under efficient quality parameters through modern manufacturing...
 Garlic Chilli Sauce
Shangrila Garlic Chilli Sauce is a blend of Tabasco chillies, ripe tomatoes, garlics and selected spices. Due to its unique taste, it is widely used with fried, grilled and fast food items. It is admired by those who wants to add a zing to their food.

Tomato Pulp,...
Hot & Spicy Ketchup
Hot & Spicy Ketchup is the combination of juicy, fresh tomatoes with vigorous spices. This best quality and mouth watering tasty product is also the new launch of Shangrila. Hot & Spicy Ketchup is the best and perfect combination with fried, grilled and continental food.

Tomato Pulp, Sugar,...
Hot Sauce
Shangrila Hot Sauce is prepared from the pulp of finest Tabasco chillies and other pure ingredients. It is an ideal table-top condiment for use in soups, sauce and spaghettis. It enhances the taste and aroma of all meals be it a Barbeque, Mexican, Asian or Continental cuisine.

Soy Sauce
Shangrila Soy Sauce is traditionally prepared by delicate natural brewing of selected soy beans that gives it a unique taste over synthetic soy sauce. It provides protein enrichment to food due to high protein content of soy bean and is an ideal marinade agent for meat, chicken and fish. It...
Synthetic Vinegar
Synthetic Vinegar
Used by consumers all year round, Shangrila Synthetic Vinegar is prepared according to well-established hygienic standards. It is used for cleansing chicken, fish & meat. Shangrila Synthetic Vinegar is an effective marinating agent. It is also the basic agent used for disinfecting and de-greasing cooking utensils. Due to...
Tomato Ketchup
Shangrila Tomato Ketchup is a distinctive blend of ripe tomatoes and natural spices with relishing taste. Our specialized processing ensures that the original taste, nutrients and aroma of tomatoes and spices are fully preserved. Shangrila Tomato Ketchup is an ideal table-top condiment that makes all varieties of food and snacks...
Green Chilli Sauce
Freshly made with pure and finest green chilli & Vigorous spices. Best match with Samosa, Kababs and Bar.B.Q. dishes, which gives mouth watering taste.

Green Chillies, Sugar, Tamarind, Vinegar, Salt, Citric Acid (E330), Ascorbic Acid (E300), Stabilizers (E415 & E466) & Permitted Preservative (E211).

Stand Alone...
Worcestershire Sauce
Make all your dishes like soups, chicken, fish, meat, gravy, salads etc. more appetizing & digestible with Shangrila Worcestershire sauce.

Vinegar, Molasses, Fish Extract, Salt, Tamarind, Onion, Garlic, Spice Extract & Preservative (Less than 0.1%)

PET Bottle
300ml X 24 Pcs
Mixed Pickle
Shangrila Pickle is made of superior quality vegetable oil, selected mangoes, vegetables and spices. Shangrila Pickles have won the hearts of consumers due to its stability and consistence in taste, aroma and freshness for a longer time period. Shangrila pickles are preferred for enhancing the taste of food.

Pickle In Oil
Shangrila Pickle is made of superior quality vegetable oil, selected mangoes, vegetables and spices. Shangrila Pickles have won the hearts of consumers due to its stability and consistence in taste, aroma and freshness for a longer time period. Shangrila pickles are preferred for enhancing the taste of food.
Following Pickles...


22 Jan 2016
Kindly check our, no human touch production and filling line.
The juice is prepared from one of the best state-of -art technology.
To ensure Quality juices reaches every corner of the world.
22 Jan 2016
In order to provide quality condiments, we use form, fill and sealing machine.
To provide the real Ketchup and Sauces preserved in Stand Alone Pouches.


Halal Certifications


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Energy drinks | Juices | Soft drinks / Carbonated beverage | Chutney / Relishes | Dips | Mayonnaise / Ketchup | Pastes | Pickles | Spices / Seasonings / Salts | Vinegar | Bottled | Ethnic food | Gourmet & fine food | Halal products | Private label

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